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Appliance Skins

Change the look of your appliances
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Some people thrive on change. Easily bored with the same old thing, such people must get tired of those large blank surfaces on their home appliances. They might like their washing machine to take on a bit more pizzazz.

Supplied by the same folks that manufacture the "wraps" applied to entire cars for advertising purposes, this product would allow you to temporarily, and even frequently, change appliances' appearances.

It might not be a good idea to use this on an oven, though the automobile versions seem to hold up to the heat of the desert sun well enough. Certainly stovetop use would be discouraged.

(I am aware of appliances that come equipped with reversible panels. For example, my dishwasher can be configured with any one of four supplied colors. This is not that. This would be for more elaborate schemes.)

half, Feb 27 2005

Appliance Wraps http://thatlovelyco...phic-wraps-and.html
[half, Sep 02 2012]


       I want to make my dishwasher look like my washing machine and my washing machine look like my fridge. I want to see my family preparing socks for breakfast.
wagster, Feb 27 2005

       Great idea! [+]
contracts, Feb 27 2005

       I'll have the fridge flames, frost effect stove and racing stripes on the dishwasher 'cause she says I don't do them fast enough.   

       Pimp My Kitchen?
wagster, Feb 28 2005

       I was thinking great artworks, maybe 3 year old Billy's latest drawing blown up to cover the entire refrigerator, trompe l'oiel raised panels, marble, granite, stucco, Nike swoosh or Coke logo, zebra stripes, leopard skin, polka dots, gradient color change, seasonal/holiday themes...could be most anything.
half, Mar 01 2005

       Hi [half] !
po, Sep 02 2012

       Two words: Fablon.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 02 2012


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