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Auto-Wash Laundry Bag

A space-saving washing machine for small apartments
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The AWLB should be hung on the bathroom wall and connected to a tap, power source and a drain. A flat cuboid with controls at the top, its front face has a tough plastic pouch open at the top - this is where clothes go in.

The sides of the pouch go into the machine and are rolled up inside; when powered off, they can be pulled out to expand the pouch and make more space.

To wash, seal the top of the pouch and power it on - soapy water first fills the pouch from holes in the back, soaking the clothes; then, the sides of the pouch are pulled in by powerful motors, squeezing the water out. This is repeated over and over to clean the clothes.

In operation, it will have the slightly unsettling appearance of a stomach digesting a heavy meal.

The wash cycle will conclude with rinsing and squeeze-drying.

arvin, Dec 29 2006


       Bun for the image of a peristaltic stomach hanging on the bathroom wall.   

       And HA! I beat the autoboner!
BunsenHoneydew, Dec 30 2006

       was going to design something similar for a project but make it suitable for outdoor/ portable use...would never have come up with something like this so mon urself!!!!
ailbob, Dec 30 2006


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