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Arena Pool

Or Team Billiards
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- Football-field-sized billiard field

- Balls are five feet diameter

- A team of players use a battering-ram-type giant pole to shoot the cue ball, with some of them stationary on the front side to balance it (like the normal pool-player's front hand -- they probably need to wear friction-resistant material...), while the rest rush the pole accross them to strike the cue ball

- Thousands of fans in the stand, beer and hot dogs, great fun

globaltourniquet, Sep 29 2002


       Hmm. I like this +
bristolz, Sep 29 2002

       And I, though "friction-resistant" sounds strange, like "teflon-lubricant".
FarmerJohn, Sep 29 2002

       Great idea. Croissant.
TeaTotal, Sep 29 2002

       Can't wait to see the ‘chalk puff’ girls in Playboy!
reensure, Sep 29 2002

       I was just going to post this. Scouts honor (+)   

       This is one of the coolest ideas I have ever heard !(+++)
Quaelex, Apr 25 2007

       Er, cool idea... but who's going to rack 'em?
JDTwelve12, Apr 25 2007

       It would hurt if you got caught between two five-foot pool balls.   

       It would be really cool if everyone was on wires, and the wires were attached to a big x-y track, and they could move around as a unit and look at shots and get picked up log cue and all after each shot.
nomocrow, Apr 26 2007


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