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Oversized Pool with Defence

If only billiards had a defence...
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10 players a side, 7 Balls and 3 Blockers. The game is played on a hockey-sized field. Home team is stripes (1-7), road is solids (9-15). The referee is the cue ball.

Players and ref alike are installed in these balls (kinda like "Atlasphere" on "American Gladiators") that they must pocket. The pockets are 10-foot line the must cross (or if they can elevate tha arena floor somehow and put ramps). At the opening break, the ref rams the players. For the first 5 minutes, the 2 pockets closest to the balls are off-limits.

The difference from regular pool is that the cue ball is not used, beacause the balls can move on their own. The Blockers are the ones that can play defence. The balls can knock Blockers, but not other balls. This is a yellow card. Once a ball is pocketed, the player is helped out of their ball and heads to the bench.

When one team pockets all 7 balls, one player goes into a black ball (the 8 ball). Both teams have one. All players can defend against him. Once an 8 ball has been sunk, winner gets a point. Matches are best-of-3.

HomerX, Oct 15 2002

Human-Sized Foosball http://www.ventureu...human_foosball.html
Another pub game scaled up to human size, and baked. Maybe you could get these guys to build your prototype? [krelnik, Oct 15 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


Mr Burns, Oct 15 2002

       No [thc] it's da fence.
blissmiss, Oct 15 2002

       All de pools are required to have de fence where I live.
(Isn't defence just a "foreign" spelling like colour?)
half, Oct 15 2002

       Well, I would think that "defence" is not a typo. I think it's a Frecnh word turned English, like "hamburger" is the other way around.
HomerX, Oct 16 2002

       Before we sign off on this, just exactly how deep are the pockets ?
8th of 7, Oct 16 2002

       I'd guess the pockets need only be deep enough to make it difficult to roll up and out of for long enough to be registered (much like the scoring pads in American Gladiators). I'd assume there would also be walls around the arena to bank off of, maybe preceeded by a ramp to help decelerate before/accelerate after impact.   

       Perhaps eliminate side pockets (or even better, if a ball is knocked into a side pocket, it is not scored, but is returned to it's side of the field), and scoring must occur by pocketing in the opposing side's pockets. If a ball is knocked into it's own pocket, it is removed from play and not scored.) Also, is your intent that the game balls (solids&stripes) not be allowed to interact? This might be a problem, simply from a real-estate point of view. Maybe instead forbid them from guarding the pockets, but allow them to aid in pocketing another ball, ie a game ball may attempt to prevent an opponent from advancing, but may not loiter near a scoring pocket.   

       Any input on these rules?   

       Sounds like fun. Maybe someone should talk to Fox Sports and make this happen.
Freefall, Oct 16 2002

       Freefall, I fully accept the modifications you bring to the game. Very good ideas. But I doubt that Fox would bake this.
HomerX, Oct 17 2002


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