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Armchair Tank

Protection, mobility and firepower
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The Armchair Tank is essential equipment for any force besieging a Sofa Fort. It can be used to transport an attacking force right up to the edge of a Carpet Moat, safe from the unerring salvoes fired from the defender's Cushion Trebuchets.
8th of 7, Jul 16 2002


       This will go well with my force of Armchair Assasins and Ottoman Turkish Raiders.
Severian, Jul 16 2002

       Armchair siege engine?
calum, Jul 16 2002

       How is this series of silly ideas any different from the "pole pants" ideas?
bookworm, Jul 16 2002

       I'd actually sit down in an armchair tank...
Mr Burns, Jul 16 2002

       bookworm: I think the essential difference is that this is a gently-evolving series of silly but humorous ideas, posted by different contributors, rather than a long series of ideas posted by the same contributor which weren't even very funny to start with. No-one has complained or posted any specially critical annotations. If there had been, I imagine the thread would have stopped. No doubt these ideas will quietly disappear into the archive over the next few days, and no-one will try to keep forcing the theme into the forefront once the joke has run its course.
8th of 7, Jul 16 2002

       8th has been here a whole month now folks.
po, Jul 16 2002

       Hey, hey, I can count .... 60 ideas so far, too ..... but the pile of fishbones is starting to get a bit whiffy ....
8th of 7, Jul 17 2002

       But I can just never bear to throw anything away .... and I think I already killed all the Baked ones ....   

       Hmmmm. I wish there was a way of archiving them somewhere on the site.   

       Besides, leaving things on show (even if heavily fishboned) acts as a guide to those who come after with similar schemes.
8th of 7, Jul 17 2002

       save them onto floppy disc, bugsy
po, Jul 17 2002


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