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Carpet moat

The second in what is sure to be a long line of Sofa Fort accessories
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You've got your sofa fort, you feel safe and secure, but are you really? What's to stop maruading hoards from pounding at the gates? Obviously, you need a carpet moat*.

With a carpet moat, you can keep pillagers at bay (they can't cross the wide colored stripe) while you have at them with:
hot oil**
flaming liquids**

Comes complete with drawbridge attachment for your sofa fort.

*Not effective against missile weapons.
** Sold separately

(Yes, it's more a rug than a carpet, but neither Moat rug nor Rug moat sounded quite right.)

phoenix, Jul 16 2002


       And carpet bombs...? Or is that the wrong war?
DrCurry, Jul 16 2002

       So would this carpet/rug unroll into a 10 foot deep trench full of water and crocodiles? Cool!
pottedstu, Jul 16 2002


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