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Armed Rainforest Protection

Donate money for actual real-time protection.
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A guerilla financed by donations from wealthier countries to be used against illegal deforestation when the local government does nothing.
sviskon, Nov 26 2003

Rainforest Shmainforest http://www.tvtome.c...owid-344/epid-2448/
one of the best South Park episodes. [ato_de, Oct 17 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Sure. Just hire the guy who has no choice but to slash and burn to survive. That way they'll have the income, plus he can hold himself at gunpoint if he tries to start a farm and feed his kids.
darksasami, Nov 26 2003

       You're confusing farmers with corporations.
sviskon, Nov 26 2003

       Good point... Maybe you can just stop sending money if they turn out bad? Some non-corruptable 3rd party would have to watch them.   

       I looked through the entire list but saw no environment category...
sviskon, Nov 26 2003

       Why would you need to protect an armed rainforest? Surely it can protect itself?
DrBob, Nov 26 2003

       There are over 300 things in the rainforest that cause cancer. I say we pave the thing over before it's too late. (link)
ato_de, Nov 26 2003

       Armed gorrillas might fare better.
dobtabulous, Nov 26 2003

       Only one guerilla? For all rainforests? We'd better be funding the son of Rambo that he will have with Jackie Chan.
Laughs Last, Nov 26 2003

       "If you cut down that tree, I'll kill you." Oh yeah, that works. -
waugsqueke, Nov 26 2003

       gorrilla's suck i vote we use panda's.   

       The whole world sucks and its mainly our fault
harshbastard, Nov 27 2003

       Pandas? Only if it's Panda Kahn.
ato_de, Nov 27 2003

       I believe this concept is baked, by the Karen in Burma, the Bouganville Revolutionary Army, various tribes throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America, but generally without the wealthy sponsors.   

       You may joke, but the loss of rainforest means death to these people, so of course they fight back. Much of the world's tropical logging is illegal, licensed corruptly, or administered by a central government traditional landholders have never recognised.   

       Friends of mine have been involved for many years in peaceful and "other" resistance to logging by local people in SE Asia.
BunsenHoneydew, Dec 09 2003

       The conundrem being that the developed countries have already cut down their forests. Not to say that that was good. It's just history.
Zimmy, Mar 14 2006


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