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Suits of armour for the girls, that has spare spaces for things rescued.
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I was recently going to go and rescue a damsel in distress, (feline locked in an attic next door), when I realized I was not properly dressed.

Wellllll... imagine my dismay when I found no armour wear to wear. Only the "man" suit my old boyfriend used to wear when rescueing me from flame throwers here.

So I propose Armourette Wear, with space provided for a large boosom, and a nicely shaped onion style tush as well.

Off I go now to rescue that lady...

blissmiss, Sep 02 2008

This is probably too much then? http://camelot.alla...e-original-cats.jpg
[phoenix, Sep 02 2008]

femtroopers http://www.sfgate.c...gid=3&entry_id=8393
[jaksplat, Sep 02 2008]

Lady Eowyn: Shieldmaiden of Rohan http://images.googl...%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DN
Half way down the page .... what's the female equvalent of "macho" ? [8th of 7, Sep 02 2008]

Armor storage. http://www.kalebstr...8/henry_the_8th.jpg
There would need to be some cantilevering to stay upright, but... [mylodon, Sep 02 2008]


       what did Joan of Arc wear?   

       typical halfbaker - write up the idea and then go sort out the emergency!
po, Sep 02 2008

       If only there were a Lancelot around here, or something like that, I'd be able to stay...
blissmiss, Sep 02 2008

       eeks, I searched the bakery but not Google. What a dolt!
blissmiss, Sep 02 2008

       /with space provided for a/ ...large cat?
david_scothern, Sep 02 2008

       Yes by golly that's what I meant. Armour with a large spare space for carrying one's saved damsels...or cats, or whatevers.
blissmiss, Sep 02 2008

       I thought this said Amourettes - don't know what those are but they sound romantic.
phundug, Sep 02 2008

       // they sound romantic //   

       No, this is women with edged weapons, and that's not romantic at all, just bloody frightening.
8th of 7, Sep 02 2008

       Baked (see link). It may need to be enlarged, but it is a great place for damsels.
mylodon, Sep 02 2008

       [8th of 7], what's to be frightened of?
normzone, Sep 02 2008

       Women with edged weapons, that's what.
8th of 7, Sep 02 2008

       8th is scared of women, who'd have thought it?
po, Sep 02 2008

       I can't find any women who care about using edged weapons other than in the kitchen, so I don't try to impart my knowledge of using points and edges.   

       I skip straight to teaching my women to shoot handguns.
normzone, Sep 02 2008

       which end am I supposed to hold then?   

       what's this wobbly bit for?   


       (o/t google search for oops and po = 287)
po, Sep 02 2008

       We are not "scared of women". We are cautious in dangerous situations:   

       <sound of front door>

       "Hi, I'm home !"

       <swishing sound>

       <sound of kitchen knife parting thinning male hair>

DUDUDUDURURRRRRRR........ (Sound of kitchen knife embedding itself in inside of front door)


"Oh, it's that time again, is it ?"

8th of 7, Sep 02 2008

       Mmmm, girls in armour with weapons - most excellent. (Particularly with a long-bow-n-arrow; don't know why, but it's all good...)
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 03 2008

       I was thinking lacy edges and veils and such...
blissmiss, Sep 04 2008


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