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Compound Bow Suit

Advanced bow suit uses enhanced bow force compounding.
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The newly enhanced Bow Suit is now composed of advanced compound bows. The ideal operating mode is to adapt to dead weight monkey squat inside suspension arch of Compound Bow Suit.

By holding each bow by the top handles and standing in the Bow Shoes on the other ends the operator bounces in the constant compression and decompression of the bows.

The bow force compounding pulley gears store energy in ratcheting recoil motors that can store a combined potential of 1 ton of force. Releasing this stored energy propells the wearer of Compound Bow Suit. Decompression is limited to prevent separating vertebrae, as well as to when the bows are parallel in alignment, to avoid single bow misfires.

rcarty, Nov 02 2013

Compound Bow Suit http://imgur.com/RsQyxeq
[rcarty, Nov 03 2013]

So, could the Compound Bow Suit be adapted for wear while riding the Grasshopper Cycle? Grasshopper_20cycle
Your insurance rates will vary by location... [normzone, Nov 05 2013]

Compound Bow Suit http://imgur.com/OiigqCM
[rcarty, Nov 05 2013]


       This idea is approaching comprehensibility, though I'm not sure from which side.   

       So, it's basically a big body-height archery-type bow with footrests on the bottom and hand-holds on the top, that you bounce around in?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 02 2013

       Yes but it still utilizes bipedal pendulosity.
rcarty, Nov 02 2013

       The word "pendulosity" [+]
Voice, Nov 02 2013

       //Yes but it still utilizes bipedal pendulosity//   

       Less is more.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 02 2013

       There's a pretty safe position for more = more. Also no argument is needed against a damned traitor to bipedal pendulosity, sir!
rcarty, Nov 02 2013

       Never, never before have I been called bipedal.   

       I bite my thumb at you, sir. Good day.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 02 2013

       //approaching comprehensibillity//   

       Really? Are you sure?
UnaBubba, Nov 03 2013

       How does the bow tie work?   

       Biting thumb is that saying the gesture of the mocking laugh where a toothy mouth is open and the hand moves towards covering the face, sometimes causing the thuumb to enter the mouth and strike a tooth?   

       Biting the thumb can be done more coarsely in literalist simulacra of the cultural uuniversal described in the shakesperian idiom.
rcarty, Nov 03 2013

       Youu don't say?
Alterother, Nov 03 2013

       Yes that would be la masse iinterpretation and thus crude. But to know that he that bites his thumb laughs mockingly and doing it right shows refinement.   

       It's an interesting idiom because the inadvertant biting of the hand is a pratfall in the gesture, leading to an exchange of mocking laughs. I laugh at you, you mock my attempt.
rcarty, Nov 03 2013

       Do you bite your thumb at me sir?
Alterother, Nov 03 2013

       I bite my thumb at you to mock your bitten thumb. Your failed attempt at mockery where you lampooned yourself.
rcarty, Nov 03 2013

       But do _you_ bite your thumb at _me_, sir?
Alterother, Nov 03 2013

       Woohoo ghosts are in the ethereality. I'm really scared!? You are not the ghost you think you are. It can't possibly be ad hominem in this medium.
rcarty, Nov 03 2013

       I bite my thumb, sir, at [rcarty]. And when I bite my thumb, it stays bitten.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 03 2013

       You must be typing with the other hand.
rcarty, Nov 03 2013

       The dream of bow suit will live on.
rcarty, Nov 03 2013

       You mean after the lawsuits?
Alterother, Nov 03 2013

       Fuck lawsuits, the Bow Suit Intl Ltd corporation will be judgement proof from having no assets, including Bow Suit concept that is public domain. Having no cash flow, nor offices keeps BS ltd in the black despite the ruinated personal finances of its executive who personally assumes all losses of the company, and is a schizophrenic.
rcarty, Nov 03 2013

       The truth is, the conspiracy to stop Bow Suit has already led to mass media manipulations. The 2012 BLADE RUNNER murder was a transparent superimposition on mass perceptions by interests that oppose Bow Suit. The central figure in that tabloid rumour was inadvertantly generating mass appeal for Bow Suit, and this popularization had to be neutralized by an anti- event of similar magnitude.   

       Their aim is to cover up the reality of bow travel, and the complexity its technological development will mean for society. These Social Engineers have immense power, and oppose any new revolutuonary technology that enhances human freedom. Any new advancement to freedom including Bow Suit limits their power to control the masses.   

       However they are secretly developing bow suits that are far more sophisticated than a simple compound bow. These suits are the FUTURE of armed combat, and the simple sketches I have provided are mere crayon drawings by feral state wards compared to the bow suits that are actually possible.
rcarty, Nov 04 2013

       Put down the bong for a few days, man.
Alterother, Nov 04 2013

       I've also notived medicalized humour like that is widespread, saying something regulatory like it's a joke. I can smoke whatever I want until I'm in a blind stupor or dead, and just bbecause someone has medicalized training in the human meat industry doesn't mean they can go around doing quality control and inspection on any among the heads they please.
rcarty, Nov 04 2013

       Well words have power in definitions that people define or not define and those that value those definitions and have aspired to them and in the process actualized them, then regulate those definitions. Sometimes the definitions are quite stupid like 'posh' or 'lawful' and quite stupid things occur on the level of discursive action.
rcarty, Nov 04 2013

       So basically design every idea with a small implosive payload of radical new anti-epistem.
rcarty, Nov 04 2013

       All I meant was that you need to restore the finely-tuned instrument of delerium that is [rcarty] to a more harmonious state. For the betterment of humanity you walk a knife's edge, thus it is our responsibility to keep you in balance. Now, you know I love the ganja. I'm not saying you have to give it up. I'm asking you as stoner, Halfbaker, and friend to stick your bong in the dishwasher and make a couple batches of brownies. Give your CB receptors a break.
Alterother, Nov 04 2013

       That's fair, but if this is mostly about the dielectrical material idea the point was simply that Rand's objectivism is dialectical materialism. As collectivism relates to the collective or society, or the mass, then anticollectivism creates a kinesis that can be used to generate power if retractile motor power cables connected everyone together. But because the productive flux is straining people will either stay generally collectivists or generallly anticollectivists. The idea therefore is to generate power using anticollectivism, which is perpetual energy because the collective, which is the people united, can never be defeated. The mass which contains freeloaders feeds on anticollective energy because the mass cannot be escaped.   

       Its sort of a satire on America, because Ayn Rand basically encapsulated the American ethos in her work on objectivism. Although objectivism proper would be sociology, and would suggest that the collective can not be escaped, and that anticollectivists too form a collective that requires shared values, norms and identity. And that actually objective analysis proves the work is satire, anticollectivism is absurd, and is meant to produce constant revolution. Anticollectivism from a sociological perspective, the actual objectivity of social science, MUST be absurd because it exists in a meaninglessness of nothing being collective including meanings.   

       In capitalism the proletariate are alienated by bourgeoisie, the liberals. But in objectivism the liberals are alienated by the collective. Sort of how unions were affecting the bottom line of businesses, or I suppose anticollective collectives. Rands objectivism is the western communism.   

       Now consider the quatrenary social survey of political collectives. Every four years collectives are measured and reconstituted in a scale model of the country in Washington DC, and in other similar democracies world wide. Consider democrats more generally collectivists and republicans more generally anticollectivists. This is a dual group reification. I don't think Ayn Rand caused it, but her writing certainly has had some importat impact on discourses in this functional conflict.
rcarty, Nov 05 2013

       Don't forget that Rand herself was never as objective as her philosophy espoused. She was lambasting socialism in Harper's before it was cool because her entire family got screwed by the Bolsheviks.
Alterother, Nov 05 2013

       So, this idea... is a pogo stick that can bear a grudge. [+]
pertinax, Nov 05 2013

       Yes [pertinax], and yes [alterother], my understanding is she didn't arrive at her conclusions from objective analysis but from personal experience, which is subjective. Another irony.
rcarty, Nov 05 2013

       The makers of Ladder Pants PRO are interested in purchasing rights to the Compound Bow Suit technology for performance- enhancing upgrades to the pants.
swimswim, Nov 05 2013

       Thanks for your inquiry. Bow Suit International Ltd. would be pleased to offer you the rights for any amount you care to throw in a wishing well of your choice.
rcarty, Nov 05 2013

       I know an velocipede athlete who's looking for endorsement deals...(link)
normzone, Nov 05 2013

       I fantasize about being decked out in full Compound Bow Suit on a daily basis. In my imagination pulling down on the bows with full body weight, charges the entire bow, and primes the bow for jumping. I know Bow Suit is possible, but two 7 foot composite bows are not easy to come by even with the immense financial resources of Bow Suit International Ltd.   

       Compound Bow Suit uses a unique pulley cam arrangement that primes the integral pogo stick tensioner with 99 percent let off. Meaning the bow increases compression and tension by the additional resistance of the pogostick, and the pulley reduction means a 150 Lb operator can load bow suit with 15000 lbs. 150/0.01=15000   

       Although that's only in theory. Compound Bow Suit will probably be capable of the typical 60 to 85 percent let off, allowing a 150 Lb operator to load 1000 lbs at 85 percent let off.   

       Consider when imagining the dynamics of Bow Suit that the operator is the main bow string, holding the limbs with the hands and the attached Bow Shoes. Releasing the bow tensions the ratcheting pogo stick that absorbs some of the recoil each time until it is released by trigger switch.
rcarty, Nov 05 2013


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