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Armpit Chairs

Chairs with supports under armpits
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To improve posture, crutchlike devices are mounted on the seat of the chairs so as to be adjustable to proper armpit height.

Alternative: musical armpit chairs wherein the adjustable crutchlike devices moves up and down to the beat of a catchy tune.

Alternative of the alternative: the crutchlike devices of chairs around the devices move up and down in sequence.

Goesta Berling, Mar 30 2005


       Thank God, I thought this was gonna be large fleshy moist hairy concave seats. + for not being that.
etherman, Mar 30 2005

       I get the first paragraph. I don't get the other two.
Machiavelli, Mar 30 2005

       I like the 2nd best. if it moved up and down when no-one was seated, the paranoid among us would think the chair was laughing at our expense.
po, Mar 30 2005

       Could've sworn it was an FJ idea from the title.
RayfordSteele, Mar 30 2005

       First I've heard of crutches as improving posture. That a fact?
DrCurry, Mar 31 2005

       If you have crutches adjusted so that your weight is taken by the armpit pads most of the time, this causes nerve damage to the lower arms and hands. Ideally these suold be adjusted so that there is room for 2 fingers between the pad and the pit.
oneoffdave, Mar 31 2005

       Yeah, [GB], I'm also skeptical about the posture improving potential of this chair...
k_sra, Mar 31 2005

       //musical armpit chairs//
Could you have cymbals under your arms?
ldischler, Mar 31 2005

       I actually thought of the same idea, its actually how I found this website when I was doing a preliminary patent search randomly enough. I think this is a great idea. - I found a lot of wheel chairs with similar armpit support systems and would love to apply it to a computer chair model. I have a bad back myself and long hours of hovering over a computer kills my back. As strange as the idea may look and sound. it seems to be a vary natural thing how your armpits make perfect supports; relieving tension from the spine and back muscles and keeping your posture staight.   

       If armpit rests were an added feature ontop of the traditional armrests, cumfortably cushioned, and easily adjustable. This chair could be a great thing and I would like to build one for myself.
Kcsolutions123, Jul 12 2005


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