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a hired gun to kill a stain with artistry
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Having just dropped a computer printer and making it bleed a pattern of death on a brand new carpet, I am at a loss as to what to do.

I have heard, whispers of whispers, that a person can be hired to come a make this problem disappear. This rare person can see subtle elegant patterns where mere mortals like me, just see stains. With a palette of colourful obliteration tools, a vision of disgust can be transformed to a beautiful statement of life's little downs.

Shall I hire them? My bank balance might support it. I would have to traverse a shady world of concepts, colours and the blurring of reality. Should I cross to the otherside?

wjt, May 31 2009

Icon_20Hunter_20Agency you can hire them here [xenzag, May 31 2009]


       (+) Funny story.
A friend of the family did some ironing once while staying at my folks place. They didn't have an ironing board so she put a paper bag down on the berber carpet and proceeded to melt the Christmas image on the bag into the carpet.
I was a carpet installer at that time so cutting the mess out and patching the hole were easy. My step mom had the piece I cut out mounted and framed for her as a present the next year.

       You had to be there.   

       + sure, I can have a bunch of my blouses fixed this way!
xandram, Jun 01 2009

       Brilliant, but I'd change the name. +
blissmiss, Jun 01 2009

       Nice! Kinda surprised that there's nothing like it on here. +
daseva, Jun 01 2009

       Update: The owners of said carpet chose the literal disappearance of the stain rather than the disappearance via artistic feature.
wjt, Jun 03 2009


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