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Icon Hunter Agency

Icon hunters will come and find an Icon hidden in your home
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(+8, -6)
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"Face of dead pope found on back of sofa ! " It's a familiar head line, along with the even longer lines of smiling pilgrims queuing patiently to pay entrance fee to gaze upon the newly discovered miraculous icon. In every home there must be hundreds of these things just waiting to be discovered. Icon Hunters would come to your home and find them. Whether your preference is for a Hindu deity or an obscure Druid symbol - it's lurking there somewhere, hidden in the patterns that surround you.
xenzag, Oct 02 2005


       Oh, I like this one. Then we'll also need the icon website where persons of various persuasions could go look up the locations of the latest icons relevant to their obsession and make the appropriate pilgimage with the appropriate number of shekels in hand.
DukTape, Oct 03 2005

       Argh! Don't encourage them. -
pertinax, Jun 08 2006

       Once I smashed my thumb nail and the bruise looked like an image of the Virgin Mary or Elvis, I couldn't decide.
xandram, Jun 08 2006

       If it was Elvis, the bruise would have swollen your thumb to twice its normal size, with a flabby middle section that resembled a sack of lard.   

       Mary, on the other hand, would have caused any residual dirt under your thumb nail to sprout a rose, on which thorns you would have pricked yourself repeatedly. This would have been of great interest to the Icon Hunters. You should have called me for rapid dispatch.
xenzag, Jun 08 2006

       I now wish I would have called you. It could have been a great omen that I was going to win the lottery!
xandram, Jun 16 2006

       Don't talk to me about pilgrims and popes. Ol' Pappa Ratzi is coming to where I live in September and 300 000, yes 300 000 visitors are expected! Thats three...hundred...thousand. I'll have to leave town.
squeak, Jun 16 2006

       //Ol' Pappa Ratzi is coming to where I live in September// - just put up a turnstyle at your front door and make a fortune
xenzag, Jun 16 2006


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