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Artificial Hot Water

Replace your personal hygienic hot water consumption with a burning chemical.
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Before Artificial Hot Water people often heated their water with a hot water heater. That was very wasteful and expensive. Things are much better now that a substance derived from pepper is added to the water in a mixing tank where the heater used to be. Aside from that things are about the same as before.
rcarty, Jun 07 2012


       Straight from the capsaicink.   

       //<rimshot>// Yeah, that's one place you wouldn't want this pepper water to get.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 07 2012

       It quits ringing quite quickly...   

       This is baked. And by "baked", I mean "such a profoundly terrible idea that no sane person would even consider trying it".
ytk, Jun 08 2012

       //often heated their water with a hot water heater.   

       deja vue alert..surely that's a cold water heater? No point in warning water that is already warm.   

       Put menthol in the water, like what Withnail uses in the film, tad easier on the delicate bits than pepper
not_morrison_rm, Jun 08 2012

       Would spicy water work as well as hot water for washing grease off dishes and getting dirt out of clothes?   

       [morrison (or not)] Are "hot water heaters" a pet pieve of yours? I see no problem at all with calling it a "hot water heater". There are many names and phrases in common English that use shortcuts like this. A "hot water heater" is a heater that produces hot water. Calling it a cold water heater is incorrect because it will make hot water out of hot, warm, tepid, cold or frigid water. Calling it a water heater is fine in many cases since a hot water heater is probably the most common type, but adding just 3 letters and a space tells the reader (or search engine) that it's not a fish tank or swimming pool water heater that you're talking about.   

       I can think of many other cases with this type of usage.   

       Tie a knot.
waffle iron
Drill a well.
Pour a foundation.
Carve a statue.
cookie cutter
hole punch

       English is not a programming language. It's called a hot water heater in common usage, so don't confuse things by convincing half of the people to change the common name of something based on some semantic agrument.
scad mientist, Jun 08 2012

       I think only you call it a hot water heater, scad. You and rcarty. Forward thinkers call it a hweater, to save wear on the space bar.
bungston, Jun 08 2012

       It's actually called an immersion heater. Go figure.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 08 2012

       //no sane person //   

       Insane is like inflammable right? If inflammable means flammable then I'm most assuredly sane.
rcarty, Jun 09 2012

       Not to mention continent.
ytk, Jun 09 2012

       I terpret.
I terpret well.

       Your reasoning is (in)disputable.
AusCan531, Jun 09 2012


       Technically it also heats hot water to keep it from cooling.
rcarty, Jun 09 2012

       exquisitely bizarre [+]
Voice, Jun 09 2012

       //make hot water out of hot..water   

       Good lord, that's miraculous...   

       Rigorous and methodologically sound research (just typing the words in google) brings a mixed result...   

       15,200,000 - water heater, 53,700,000 - hot water heater 14,700,000 - cold water heater   

       but, if we try Yahoo it's 131,000,000 - water heater, 101,000,000 - cold water heater, 86,000,000 - hot water heater   

       so this is even stranger than I thought it was going to be...
not_morrison_rm, Jun 09 2012

       Heat, light but no smoke?
UnaBubba, Jun 09 2012

       Perhaps it should be parsed as “hot (water heater)”
pocmloc, Jun 09 2012

       ...why not just a //water hotter//?
xandram, Jun 09 2012

       I guess, I can't use this water to warm up my hands or fingers after returning from skiing or cold environment.
Inyuki, Jun 09 2012

       You probably could but I wouldn't rub my eyes or pick my nose afterward.
UnaBubba, Jun 09 2012

       // Heat, light but no smoke? //   

       Smoke and mirrors, seemingly…   

       "E Tenebris Lux", perhaps ?
8th of 7, Jun 09 2012

       //E Tenebris Lux   

       "Ee bah gum"was always good enough in my days   

       //I wouldn't rub my eyes or pick my nose afterward   

       A friend went to the loo, after chopping chillies, but hadn't washed her hands...it might be a similar experience...
not_morrison_rm, Jun 09 2012

       //I wouldn't rub my eyes or pick my nose afterward.//   

       I'd gladly rub your eyes after using this water, [Ubbs].
ytk, Jun 09 2012

       If her fingers made direct contact with her the mucous tissue of her genitalia or her sensitive anal tissue when she went to the toilet then I probably wouldn't want to eat the food she was preparing when she got the chili juice on them.
UnaBubba, Jun 09 2012

       I was too much of a gentleman to ask...
not_morrison_rm, Jun 10 2012


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