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Silly Ideas Department
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IDEA Turn your fishtank into a dishtank by stocking it with fish which are habitual OMNIVOROUS MICROGRAZERS.

I'm sure there are plenty of such species though I'm expert in fridge-grazing only.]

All you have to do then is put your dirty dishes, pots and all into the DishTank, pull up a chair and watch the fun as the fish literally polish off the dishes.

The DishTank could be made self- sustaining by adjusting the number of fish and adding snails and plants etc to keep the water and glass clear.

Just think : no polluting cleaning powder; minimal electricity used for a light maybe, and low set-up and running costs compared with a standard dishwasher.

And of course it's an idea silly enough to halt your guests' after-dinner conversation when you stroll over to the DishTank and casually begin loading it with their dishes.

rayfo, Sep 10 2001


       Fish-poop on the dishes, ew.
hello_c, Sep 10 2001

       Hmm, yeah ... You'd also completely polute and poisin your aqaurium, by having the ammonia skyrocket in the water from all the waste and decaying matter on the plates.   

       That is the most ridiculous and dangerous suggestion.   

       No aqauriumist would tell you differently.   

       I trully hope these are just 'silly' and 'jokling' said and you guys aren't really taking it literally.
SublteMocha, Aug 23 2003


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