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Dish Soap Daisy

One-handed operation
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The DSD is a low-volume, press-operated, universal-fit dispenser for dish soap. Dish in left hand, brush or rag in right, which one do you put down to get a fresh shot of Dawn? Neither, if you have the DSD. Lightly press down on the center of the daisy flower, yes, that hemispherical bump in the center of the petals, and you are actuating a very low-volume pump that delivers a small spurt or drop of soap. Any unused soap runs off the bump, between the petals, and drops back into the standard jar of soap.

The DSD differs from existing soap, hand cream, and chocolate syrup pumps in that it requires VERY little pressure to deliver just the right amount of soap due to space-age engineering and thoughtful innovation. It screws right onto the jar you have so you don’t need yet another piece of gear or counter clutter. Available in Idaho Daisy, Sumy Sunflower, and Zero-emission Zinnia.

minoradjustments, Feb 04 2024

A common style https://www.amazon.com/dp/B082PWS3RZ/
[a1, Feb 04 2024]

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Another common style https://www.amazon....d=1707405911&sr=8-5
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Edible Soap? Exists. https://www.google....earch?q=edible+soap
Many options, including cannabis based. [a1, Feb 08 2024]

Soap Soap Soap_20Soap
No comment. [minoradjustments, Feb 09 2024]


       The soap comes out onto the part you're pressing on? How is this an advantage over the common type where you press or squeeze on the handle or back of the brush assembly?
a1, Feb 04 2024

       [a1] Did you ever use one of those in the link? When you squeeze the bulb you don't know what exactly will happen. You get a flood of soap and as it heats up in your hand it releases more. And you have to fill a second tool from a perfectly good container that lives under the sink. The advantage of the Dish Soap Daisy is that there's always a given small amount dispensed.   

       Soap works in that microscopic layer between the dirt and the object being washed. Any soap that is not right there is not working for you, no matter how much you use and how much suds it makes. More soap does not equal greater cleaning. We generally use too much soap for the job at hand. The DSD is economical as well as practical, and looks good on the backboard.
minoradjustments, Feb 05 2024

       I get that, you want precise metering. But you didn't address my main question. From your description it sounds like you press on the exact spot where the soap comes out of the DSD? Isn't that like sticking your finger into the end of a hose to make the water run?
a1, Feb 05 2024

       Ir you use a sponge, a rag or a dish brush, when you press down lightly on the solid bulb with holes at the apex the soap goes up onto the absorbent cleaning tool. You can’t cover the holes unless you are using something impermeable that you wouldn’t use on dishes that could stopper the 7 soap holes, and the absorbent nature of your tool allows the soap to be carried off for work in the minimal, eco-friendly amount needed.   

       Check the video in your link. She dispenses enough soap to do a whole dinner’s worth of dishes and pots into that one skillet. And what’s that spike in center of the holder? Must be to keep the valve closed so you don’t get soap overflowing the holder onto the sink. I had one that had a pin in the middle of the bristles and when you pressed down it released soap. Lots and lots of soap. Binned it.
minoradjustments, Feb 05 2024

       Put dirty soap back in the jar? [-]
Voice, Feb 05 2024

       [Voice] Unless you are changing the dishrag, sponge, or brush every time you are getting a bit of soap from the Daisy you are carrying far more ‘dirt’ on it than is transferred to the soap. Germs hate soap. Germs love moist crevices in the tools we use in the sink. There are more, and a greater variety, of microbes on dishrags than in the toilet. I rather my germs be drowned and encased in soap.
minoradjustments, Feb 08 2024

       I sometimes get worried about touching the soap with dirty hands. Someone should invent an edible soap you can spray all over your house, eat off the floor, suck your thumb, etc. etc.
4and20, Feb 08 2024

       // Someone should invent an edible soap you can spray all over your house, eat off the floor, suck your thumb, etc. etc// ethenol
Voice, Feb 08 2024

       [420] (in the vernacular) Check the link for keeping your soap really, really clean.
minoradjustments, Feb 09 2024


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