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Artificial bioluminescence

Derive yet more pleasure from those piercings...
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It's painfully obvious that people take pleasure from inserting bits of weirdly-crafted metal into various new and existing orifices. Why not create more of a fashion statement by using existing luminous, Day-Glo or UV-sensitive coatings on the jewellery to make it that bit more appealing? Allegedly.

Are we not in awe of those creatures that glow and react to various rays of the spectrum? Let's emulate them! Or rather, let those who have piercings do so and I'll watch from a convenient distance...

wreckferret, May 21 2003

Even older than that http://www.parkcity...en-toma/L3/L3-8.jpg
Antique Uranium Glass Earrings [sartep, Oct 21 2004]


       Why stop there?   

       Glow in the dark eye make-up would help you catch prey in the deep dark waters of the sea.   

       Glow in the dark nickers would help attract mates (if bugs are your type).
FloridaManatee, May 22 2003

       UB: not wanting to quibble or anything, and certainly not trying to cast any doubt on your story, but if they were wearing no underwear, how would it fluoresce?!
DrCurry, May 22 2003

       Ho hum - back to the drawing board for the hard-of-thinking...
wreckferret, May 22 2003


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