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Artificial global sun dial clock

Sun up on top shines on spinning earth with you marked by a led.
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This is an analog clock but a 24 hour one, to be hung up in the living room or office.

The earth in the middle (with your country set so as to be seen throughout the whole rotation marked by a LED, if its hard to accomplish make a transparent) rotates daily so that the sun is in the correct position for the hour. A line on the background display is drawn to highlight the current hour on the clock's external circle.

The whole background lights up or darkens according to the hour and actual weather. Raining when it rains, foggy when there's a fog and showing the stars late at night. The moon is in its actual position relative to your country showing the day of the lunar month. The sun moves to an angle up or down to the correct position according to the seasons.

A satelite could "orbit" around the earth once a minute for the seconds.

Maybe with two sphere's above and below for the day/night 12 hour cycle.

The whole thing could be a digital program, but I think a real model would be stunningly nicer to look at.

pashute, Mar 31 2022

somehow not infringing on this patent https://patents.goo...atent/US3832842A/en
[pashute, Mar 31 2022]

Please notice, it is not this https://www.youtube...watch?v=HqTjRgd2cPE
[pashute, Mar 31 2022]


Voice, Mar 31 2022


       We're assuming you're a Futurama fan BTW, otherwise you're going to wonder why everybody is telling you to shut up. (It's friendly, I assure you)
doctorremulac3, Mar 31 2022

       Now I am. Thanks!
pashute, Mar 31 2022

       //your country set so as to be seen throughout the whole rotation//   

       Better if the sun rotates, no?   

       This is just an illuminated orrery. There is an entire category for orrery ideas. It got pretty hairy a few years ago.
pocmloc, Apr 01 2022

       That's because you can't shave an orrery. Even combing it is inadvisable.
pertinax, Apr 01 2022


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