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Auto spinner

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A typical-looking fidget spinner, but with a motor in the axle - so it can spin by itself.

Could be powered by cell batteries in the symmetrically protruding nodes of the spinning section.
Or it could be wind-up, clockwork would also be good.

Loris, May 21 2020

Baked https://youtube.com/watch?v=CY08-v-OZgA
These have been around for a while [kdf, Oct 01 2020]

https://www.gyrosco....asp?product=TEDCO2 [hippo, Oct 01 2020]


       So like a mechanical Top?
blissmiss, May 21 2020

       [+] one of these would be exceedingly satisfying to hold. Bonus points for having them spin so quickly they impart a sense of mild dread in the holder. A pressure-sensitive button in the centre might be used to regulate the power-assist.
zen_tom, Oct 01 2020

       If you google battery driven fidget spinner you’ll find plenty. Linked video from a few years ago showing how to make one.
kdf, Oct 01 2020

       When I was young the equivalent gadget was the toy gyroscope (link)
hippo, Oct 01 2020

       //If you google battery driven fidget spinner you’ll find plenty.//   

       Your linked video is reasonably close, but it doesn't fit the spec, if you read carefully.   

       I did actually google this before I posted, so y'know.
Loris, Oct 01 2020

       Where does it miss on the spec? "Typical looking?"
kdf, Oct 01 2020

       //Where does it miss on the spec? "Typical looking?"//   

It needs to look very much like a standard 3 or 5 lobed fidget spinner, or it's nowhere.
Loris, Oct 01 2020

       I see your point. There are DIY ones that like a typical fidget spinner - at least from one side - but they all hang the battery and motor outside. To fool anyone into thinking it was a typical one requires palming the external parts.   

       Wonder why it hasn't been done already (or if it has, why it doesn't turn up easily in searches)?
kdf, Oct 01 2020


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