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Artist-recommended EQ settings

For music. I really can't believe this isn't a thing... If it is, I'll gladly delete this.
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Artists are often very particular about the way their format is enjoyed by their audiences. Filmmakers are engaged in constant debate over the merits of film vs video, for instance. Some, like Tom Cruise, have taken their obsession with quality a step further, making public statements and even going to court with TV manufacturers over TV device settings that they feel aren't faithful to their artwork, such as frame doubling interpolation.

Songwriters are the same way. This was part of the inspiration behind Jay-Z's Tidal Music startup, offering what it calls "lossless" streaming. Music quality settings are available in just about every major major streaming platform. Spotify has "normal" and "extreme" quality settings available, for instance. Tidal's "lossless" quality setting is supposed to be a step above even that, allowing you to hear the full range of sound recorded in the studio.

But everyone knows there's more to the quality of what you're hearing than just frequency density. There are specific EQ settings that a song is best played under to make sure you're getting just the right amount of bass, treble, etc. Most music streaming apps have an EQ available with a wide range of presets for genres like rock, metal, jazz, country, etc. But not all rock music is the same, and I'm surprised that when you buy an audio track or a CD, the songs don't come with recommended EQ settings to fine tune it for that song specifically.

And therein lies my idea. I'd like artists to label their music with the perfect EQ settings to get that studio quality sound.

21 Quest, Mar 22 2019

https://therational...hile.wordpress.com/ //the goal is minimal deviation from flat direct sound...// [pocmloc, Mar 24 2019]


       I'd recommend watching all Tom Cruise's work through an opaque, sound-absorbing medium.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 22 2019

       That's because you're not an artist. If you were, you'd have suggested a 114-decibel kaleidoscope.
lurch, Mar 22 2019

       The tracks are all EQ'd at the studio, and should sound "perfect" when played on a system with a flat response.   

       There are only two reasons you'd want to apply EQ at home, that is:   

       - to compensate for the room acoustics, and
- to compensate for your own hearing profile

       neither of which can be predicted by the record company. If there were a generic EQ setting that makes the track sound better in all situations, it would be baked into the track beforehand.
mitxela, Mar 22 2019

       3. To compensate for defective, poorly designed audio system.   

       Flat response is the only setting needed.
pocmloc, Mar 22 2019

       I'm reminded of why I love this group so much... Thanks for the info guys. Should I delete this?
21 Quest, Mar 23 2019

       No. It's an idea, nicely written and under further knowledge found to baseless. A good example of the factual side of the Bakery.   

       If my logical mind was constructed on a whole lot of these knowledge snippets, I would be very pleased.
wjt, Mar 23 2019

       Actually this idea might be complete nonsense from a technical point of view, but it might have marketing legs.
pocmloc, Mar 24 2019

       You think so?
21 Quest, Mar 26 2019

       What artist would say 'ya know, we totally overplayed the bass guitar on this, best if you turned it down a bit' upon release?
RayfordSteele, Mar 26 2019

       ^ Primus.
What do I win?

       The mysteries of marketing! "Thank you for speding the extra money to buy this deluxe CustomEQ(TM) edition of this album. To fully appreciate the enhanced qualities of this recording, use only A335 rated speakers set within 10% of the specified locations. Us an EQ setting of +27, +13, -3, -11, -44.7 and a volume of 4.77±0.3 on each channel. Wait 3.4 seconds before starting playback. If you need assistance with any aspect of your setup, call our 24-hour help line on 012 345 6789 (calls cost £5 per minute, and will be answered by an automated system which may not be able to help with all or any of your query)"
pocmloc, Mar 27 2019


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