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A License to ill
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Violence, albeit frowned upon by the cozy masses, can sometimes be a vehicle for good ends. (I.E. corporal punishment, entertainment or stress relief)

I propose the advent of an identifying bracelet to be worn when one feels like getting rowdy. If two persons, both wearing said bracelets get into a scuffle, then both parties forfeit their rights to charge the other with simple assault. The bracelet is, in effect, a contractual agreement to settle, or be willing and receptive to settling any disagreement with weaponless physical violence.

Of course classes must be taken before one can qualify for the bracelet, and extra stringent punishments apply to licensed bracelet wearers for assaulting a non-licensed individual.

MikeD, Nov 04 2008


       "You're a fucking piece of shit but you can't touch me because I'm not wearing a bracelet, nyaah nyaah..."   

FlyingToaster, Nov 04 2008

       The first rule of Fight Club is...
phoenix, Nov 04 2008

       This closely describes the old common law notion of 'Outlaw' - only limited in this case to weaponless violent assault (which seems a particularly specific limitation to me, if you're going to play crazy with the law, why not go the whole hog?) But quite why anyone would be want to wear a bracelet that stated that they were willing to forego the protection of the law, I fail to understand. There are already legal ways of expressing violence like this, it's called a boxing match, and instead of bracelets, the participants have to wear great big silly gloves - otherwise, it's pretty much the same thing.
zen_tom, Nov 04 2008

       Summary edited (thanks, [UnaBubba])   

       I see your point, [Zen_Tom], but rarely will a heated debate turn to violence by both participants deciding to go buy boxing gloves and meet back up at the gym during regular business hours. Violence is rash with an obvious degree of instant gratification. I just think two consenting adults should have the option of settling their differences in a more un-evolved manner without having to risk the far-reaching consequences of an assault charge on your permanent record.
MikeD, Nov 04 2008

       Why not just join the Royal Marines ?
8th of 7, Nov 04 2008

       Or Millwall FC.
wagster, Nov 04 2008


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