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Astral guest book

Messages from the nether world
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Soul. Astral self. Spirit. Whatever you wish to call it. It is the body made of a substance above or beyond perception by the senses, accompanying man throughout his life and surviving, leaving his body, after death. It then wanders around until reincarnated or called up for the final reckoning.

Attempts to communicate with these spirits have been made successfully in the past. These attempts have been ridiculed as fraud by skeptics. Perhaps with good reason, as the messages might have become tainted by the channel through which they were delivered – the Mediums – who were supposed to be making it all up.

So there is the need for a fresh look at the problem of communicating with the spirits roaming around all about us. A method, which is scientific, and not liable to be accused of fraud. A sure-fire method of communication. How do spirits communicate?

They communicate with the mind. The Mind is, in the living body at least, (until death when it is set free of the shackles of the material body) housed in the specialized cells carrying messages – Nerve cells, and that great assemblage of them, the brain.

Now a human brain is in constant activity. The business of life demands almost all its effort and the small stimulation from the spirits can easily be mistaken for a dream or a hashed memory of some actual happening or conversation. Besides, the disbelieving skeptics (Shoo, boys!) will be quick to point out that the Medium is making it all up. No. We require something we can isolate from all outside interference.

So we take a simple organism, a snail, say, or a flatworm, something with a simple nervous system we can isolate from all outside interference. Except from Astral Minds. Attach electrodes. Record every activity. Adapt that SETI software and look for messages.

What sort of messages? The telegraph was developed around the middle of the nineteenth century. So we can expect quite a number of spirits with knowledge of the Morse code, the baudot code, and such methods of signaling which depends on the manual dexterity of the operator. Technical advances lead to the substitution of machines for that of human skill, and the number of people who can communicate with a single on-off switch (the Morse key) is rapidly dwindling.

Granted that there are a large number of spirits around us with the necessary skill to communicate via the discharges of nervous activity from a simple organism, will any spirit be willing to comply? I should think yes. If they were deprived of their corporeal selves in difficult circumstances at least a small number would wish to communicate with their loved ones to clarify misunderstandings, murmur reassurances, at least until they, too, shed their encumbrous material abodes.

Now is the time, friends, to invest our time and energy to contact the souls of telegraphists who have moved on. I offer my invention for the same in the sincere hope that it will bring solace to some bereaved soul. Heat up that soldering iron!

We need to attract the souls into coming in for communication. Read this idea, dear HalfBakers. Carry it in your mind. Think it frequently. The Astrals are able to pick up the emanations from thinking minds and if a sufficiently large number of us co-operate on this project it shall surely succeed.

Moved here from other/general, on Fj's suggestion, to give his idea company.

neelandan, Nov 08 2002

Reincarnation Registration http://www.halfbake...tion_20Registration
You're so much more thorough. [FarmerJohn, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Time the experiment to align with a geomagetic storm. http://www.ncbi.nlm...86872&dopt=Abstract
[bungston, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       I don't know about you, but if I get the chance to come back from the beyond, I sure won't waste it haunting snails. Besides, what if you pick up some snail Heidegger who has worked out telegraphy from first principles?
.... . -.-- ... -. .- .. .-.. .... --- .-- .. .-- .- -. - - --- . .- - -.-- --- ..- -... ..- - .. .... .- ...- . -. --- ... - --- -- .- -.-. .... .- -. -.. -. --- -- --- ..- - .... .- .-- .-- .... .- - - .... . .... . -.-. -.- -.-- --- ..- -.-. .- -. - .... . .- .-. -- . .- -. -.-- .-- .- -.-- .... . -.-- .-- .... --- ... - .... .- - -. .. ..-. - -.-- .--. --- .-.. - . .-. --. . .. ... - --- ...- . .-. - .... . .-. . ... . . -.-- .-
DrCurry, Nov 08 2002

       I wonder how you know if it's an Astral Message or just the despairing thoughts of a lonely flatworm with electrodes stuck to it.
Amos Kito, Nov 08 2002

po, Nov 08 2002

       torturing flatworms? how be we stick some electrodes in you to see if there are any interesting message coming through? If they are going to bother haunting, why not just send a letter? Or an e-mail? E-mail from beyond the grave, has that been marketed yet? On on-line psychic type of thing?
rbl, Nov 08 2002

       You might try health:immortality.
FarmerJohn, Nov 08 2002

       ---------- Kilroy was here ------------
RayfordSteele, Nov 08 2002

       bungston, I'll be laughing for awhile at your link's discription...
hollajam, Nov 08 2002

       //No, they haven't//   

       There's another skeptic nonbeliever.
neelandan, Nov 10 2002

       That's a nifty poltergeist over there.
thumbwax, Nov 11 2002

       Oh blimey - another modified leaflet. I always prefered the old "SOCIALIST WORKER" and "BIG ISSUE" hawkers to the religious ones. "106 STEPS TO A BETTER YOU - step 1, ignore everything you've ever heard, this is the only truth, lizards are really just big green beetles".
PeterSilly, Nov 11 2002

       . . . nor I ;-|
neelandan, Nov 11 2002

       .-- --.- .--   

       //The Astrals are able to pick up the emanations from thinking minds//
Blimey, I bet that's boring. You're going to need an awful lot of people before you outnumber those thinking, "I'm dying for a cup of coffee" or "Did I put the cat out?" or best of all, "What was I thinking of?"
moomintroll, Sep 25 2005


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