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Astronomy Land

Astronomy oriented theme park
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Featured rides:

Kepler-a-Whirl: The cars travel in ellipses, not circles.

Comet Halley Roller Coaster: 50% off if you determine how long the ride takes (Answer: 7.6 minutes)

Ptolemy's Ferris Wheel: Cars emblazoned with suns, moons, planets, stars, etc, travel around a model Earth in the center. The planet cars move in their own smaller epicycles.

Newton gets his own section:
The Bungee: Gravity, firsthand... lots of it.
The Scrambler: Inertia, firsthand... lots of it.

waugsqueke, Sep 22 2003


       OK waugs, lets try it this way. How about you place it somewhere with really clear visibility and include some high performance telescopes and astronomy bods on hand for explanations etc.   

squeak, Sep 22 2003

       As I said, those exist. Call your local amateur astronomy club, they'd be happy to invite you out to their next club viewing night, which will be exactly as you describe.   

       Nonetheless, I'm sure they don't consider themselves a 'theme park', and it is not at all related to this idea. You seem to have gotten onto that "I thought this was..." mindset and are unable to extract yourself from it.
waugsqueke, Sep 22 2003

       All that light pollution - shame on you!
DrCurry, Sep 22 2003

       Honestly. It's a suggestion for an *extra* attraction.   

       //include// see. So rides and thrills and candyfloss AND huge telescopes.Just because they don't have them now in theme parks doesn't mean for a minute that they cannot be suggested. Telescopes are related fairly closely to astronomy and would fit with the theme. Paint em with stars, train them on a current object of astronomical interest, call it "Andromedon" or something flash,charge a tenner a go and bobs your uncle.
squeak, Sep 22 2003

       Bad news for all those parents who let their kids go on "The Black Hole" - no one ever comes out of that ride (The park's covered though - small print on the back of the entrance ticket).
hippo, Sep 22 2003

       I keep getting the title sequence of "Third Rock" going through my head with planets zooming around Saturn's rings.
squeak, Sep 22 2003

       At the entrance gate a sign reads: Event Horizon
bristolz, Sep 22 2003

       Instead of a tram you can take a shuttle back and forth.   

       You can have a relativity rollercoaster/movie motion ride. To get to it you can go over an Einstein Rosen Bridge which is an optical illusion to look like it is further than it is, but all of it is completely distorted physically like a movie set. +
sartep, Sep 22 2003

       Or a fun house. You stand on a conveyor belt (people mover) that changes speed. When going faster the mirrors make you look smaller (or is it larger?). Although, now we're leaving Astronomy Park for plain old Physics Park.
grip, Sep 22 2003

       I think the mirrors make you redder or bluer . . .
bristolz, Sep 22 2003

       The mirrors in front of you would be bluer and the ones behind you would be redder. I agree with bris.
sartep, Sep 22 2003

       “Mommy, just let me take the space walk one more time.”
”No, not after you flashed your moon crater.”
FarmerJohn, Sep 22 2003

       Shouldn't the mirrors make you look taller and skinnier when you go faster, but only to people not moving? And don't they need to make people not moving with you also look taller and skinnier? Or something.
oxen crossing, Sep 22 2003

       Ooh, I like. It has Gravitational Pull and Jumbo Size Milky Way bars. +   

       "Where's the little astroids' room?"
"Second star to your right and straight on till morning."
k_sra, Sep 24 2003

       I thought about calling the public facilities the "Herschel Restrooms" but that is perhaps not in the best taste.
waugsqueke, Sep 24 2003


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