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Cave World

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Cave World is housed in a large warehouse in the middle of an urban environment, providing a cave experience for city folk.

Inside a series of walkways have been constructed over several levels, and throughout the space a calcium solution is piped around, dripping or spurting in a computer controlled system of constucting artifical stalagtites and stalagmites. A lighting and sound system completes the effect, not to convince people they are underground, but to create an amazing environtment containing some outlandish calcium structures.

simonj, Jul 25 2008

St. Louis "City Museum" http://www.citymuseum.org
Contains a cave area, amongst other zones to explore. [scottinmn, Jul 28 2008]

some inspiration http://www.darkroas...-beneath-world.html
[simonj, Feb 08 2009]


       People will touch the formations, and the oils from their skin will then prevent further evolutions. This isn't a big problem, but you might want to coordinate an annual (whatever is best) schedule to wash the whole thing out and start all over again. It would be fun to see it change, and people would literally help form the cave as they go around, touching everything. So it goes.
daseva, Jul 25 2008

       Will there be Molochs lurking in the shadows ? We think there should be Molochs. [+]
8th of 7, Jul 25 2008

       I love this idea. The Phoenix area (Apache Junction actually) has fake ghost towns. One has a mine. The tourist and their kids love it.   

       Ultra-pure water should be brought in and stocked with white albino fish. Ultra-pure water is so clear that what looks like a meter is actually three. It’s a stunning view.   

       Also, modern public caves are being built with airlocks, special walkways to keep hands and fingers off, and devices to moderate temperature, O2 and CO2 content, and humidity. Build it this way to avoid contamination problems and aid in pressure cleaning.   

       Perhaps provide a real ‘sacrificial’ rock that people can touch. Wear is expected by the pubic on designated to be touched. I can imagine a tour guide talking about cave eco systems.   

       A dark damp cool place has a wonderful effect mentally. If airlocks are used (particularly with massive doors), it is even more impressive. It could actually reduce air-pressure slightly to cause a calming effect (actually caves change pressures all the time but who cares).   

       Don’t forget an elevator that appears to take you underground. It might have windows that show rock moving up or down and provide a swaying effect on the floor. I’ve seen this done and even though you know your being had, it’s an enjoyable magic show. Maybe this would be a good place to reduce the pressure.   

       It is so doable. If you added a real museum, store, food stop, and perhaps a theater, it might even make money. I would love to visit it. [+]
CwP, Jul 25 2008

       Add the odd cave man (or woman) and I'll have a ticket. [+]
kuupuuluu, Jul 26 2008

       //Might be easier to use fibre glass as it would take quite a while for the scenery to build up.   

       That kind of defeats the purpose. Instead of one drip per minute as in natural caves, this will use an accelerated process.
simonj, Jul 27 2008

       If the flow rate is faster, the would-be deposits may be kept in solution.
Texticle, Jul 28 2008

       Don't stalagtites and stalagmites take many, many years to form?   

       Perhaps faster growth could be accomplished with an artificial, but still safe for humans, solution?
James Newton, Jul 29 2008

       Hmm. You could perhaps accelerate stalagmite et cetera growth by fiddling with the humidity and heat. If, after hours, you dried out the air, the calcium-bearing fluid would evaporate faster. When people are going to be in the cave, take it back to cool and damp.
baconbrain, Jul 29 2008

       8th, I believe you mean Morlocks...   

       Though I suppose the Borg might be into child sacrifice, so who knows...   

       Oh, word to the wise: On ships, sewater plumbing leaks can cause salticles in the course of a few weeks.
ye_river_xiv, Aug 02 2011

       When I read this I thought of it being more like a 3d maze, like a cave system. But most of the other annos are talking huge show caverns.   

       If your are thinking show caverns, remember that, every thing within about 2 arm lengths has to be full scale. After that you can start using false perspective   

       A though on building it
Build the basic structure in a large tank, and give it a protective corrosion resistant coating. Lay out your caves in a pours fibre glass, making the stubs that will grow into stalactites slightly more pours Spray the inside of the caves with either bakers or brewers yeast, this will precipitate calcite. Fill the tank with a solution of organic salts of Calcium, citrate, oxalate mallate etc. has this liquid seeps through the walls the yeast will consume the organic acids and produce CO 2. A self healing skin of living limestone.
j paul, Aug 03 2011

       21Q you are such a wet blanket
simonj, Aug 09 2011


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