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Asynchronous Typo Correction

Copyediting for the masses
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It is a well-known fact that 38% of web traffic contains bickering and other nonsense concerning typographical/grammatical errors. This is a huge load that could be better used elsewhere, such as for MMOGs or n00ds.

Enter the Asynchronous Typo Correction JavaScript thingy. All a webmaster has to do is include the script in their page. The visitor is then able to select a single word on the page and through the magic of AJAX and by the power of greyskull type and submit a correction for the word, which is automatically inserted into the page after, perhaps, some kind of minimal autofilter. You can only submit one correction per page per day, so if you want to mess with someone it's a long game and probably worth it considering the time it will take.

the porpoise, Jun 15 2016


       The damage and chaos that amending just one carefully-chosen word or even preposition could cause is effectively limitless.   

8th of 7, Jun 15 2016

       This is just a wiki with an edit rate limit.
notexactly, Jul 14 2016

       As Ian points out, 38% is actually in bickering about bickering
theircompetitor, Jul 14 2016


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