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the background philosophy
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I typed anf a few moments ago....

I looked at the screen and thought, on the scale of things, its no so important...when compared to true tragedies...the Titanic now that was a tragedy...Lysenko fooling about with Soviet agriculture in the 1930's,

Even the littler, everyday tragedy like when a child falls and cries...or that time you never got the xmas present you really wanted...

I'm just saying that anf isn't such a big deal, I should try and see the bigger picture so from now on, I'm letting anf stay uncorrected to remind of that..

not_morrison_rm, Sep 03 2012


       What on earth is an anf?
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 03 2012

       It's an ant playing a tuba.
xenzag, Sep 03 2012

       It's the outside where you put ineffable
4and20, Sep 03 2012

       not a halfbakery idea
rcarty, Sep 03 2012

       What the anf?
blissmiss, Sep 03 2012

       "anf" is what I usually get when I try and and type "and".   

       I've decided to take it in some parallel way to a Buddhist giving directions to hand over his/her body to the temple after death, so it can laid out on a table and the monks can meditate as the body goes all gakky and bits drop off, which the monks take as a big hint that they'll also be going the same way, so keep their minds on the sublime and lay off coveting an iPad or whatever.   

       To me, it's a sign that there are more important things to worry about than mi terable tiping
not_morrison_rm, Sep 03 2012

       I, on the other hand am usually going "fuck you, paperclip, I did mean DNA".
Loris, Sep 03 2012

       Without context Loris, it looked as if you were still keeping your mind on the insane.
4and20, Sep 03 2012

       You're just too young to remember the paperclip.
Loris, Sep 03 2012

       anyone old enough to experience the paperclip can never quite forget it...
not_morrison_rm, Sep 03 2012

       Anybody attempting to use Google the last while has pretty much experienced it.
FlyingToaster, Sep 03 2012

       //attempting to use Google the last while has pretty much experienced it.   

       I can see that...I want to use google translate, so in the google search box I type in "google translate", it then gives me a page of the search results, rather than just taking me to google translate itself..mildly mysterious
not_morrison_rm, Sep 04 2012

       I keep ending up putting in search parameters and then having to add ""s and -s and supplementary terms because the damned thing's synonymic generator is drunk. Wot's needed (besides a life) is a dial you can turn up or down on its "features".   

       Oh and all the while the page is updating with each letter I type or erase... until the very last one where it decides I should "press Enter to continue" displayed in miniature font in faded grey.
FlyingToaster, Sep 04 2012

       Doesn't irritate me nearly as much as the continual catfight between IE and Google's Searchbox as to where my cursor focus wants to be upon IE startup.   

       And then there are the myriad of websites where you insert your email address here, overwriting some text that's supposed to magically vanish when you click inside the box, but doesn't, and so you have to delete all of the characters that don't belong manually. Don't they test their own sites with multiple browsers?
RayfordSteele, Sep 04 2012

       //that's supposed to magically vanish when you click inside the box, but doesn't, and so you have to delete all of the characters   

       Yeah, that one gets me everytime on hotmail email search...aaaarrrrghhh!!! Please, can someone please fix that? Somebody, anybody!!
not_morrison_rm, Sep 05 2012

       [FlyingToaster], you know that you can turn off "search as you type" so Google doesn't continually look for everything beginning with "p", then everything beginning with "po", then everything beginning with "por"...
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 05 2012

       you'd think so, but I haven't figured out how to get it to stay like that in between sessions. I use the browser's URL field as Google input as well... guess I could look at the parm string if there is one.   

       [later: they've taken the cogwheel icon off the page's toolbar, so that's out]   

       [ah, found it... they demand that "accept third party cookies" be enabled <phht> as if]   

       [problem is I enter from the url bar first, then have to change the wording, usually because the results have been oversynonymized, so I change it on the webpage, which is when I get the predictive text crap]   

FlyingToaster, Sep 06 2012

       It's an ant playing a tuba. — xenzag,   

       Forgot to give credit.That's funny!
not_morrison_rm, Sep 08 2012

       //"Anf" is usually what I get when I try and and type "anf."//   

       Try typing "Anf."
Lesser Spotted Kiwi, Sep 08 2012

       This idea is 'no so important.'
sqeaketh the wheel, Sep 08 2012

       ...and yet deserves its own anfology.   

       >yet deserves its own anfology.   

       and possibly it's own anfem..   

       psst...sorry, can't stick around guys, I'm hiding behind the Sacrificial stepped pyramids for boats post, Iook for the guy with the tinfoil fedora...
not_morrison_rm, Sep 08 2012


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