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Asynchronous community and the app you never uninstall

People are very fast to uninstall or stop using products that don't give them value
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There are over 150 websites to list your startup to gain customers. One is producthunt. The problem is that most social networks or social software requires users to be successful. You cannot rely on "if you build it they shall come"

So I propose an asynchronous community app. You join this one app and it aggregates notifications for all the other apps. And you never uninstall this app, due it to it providing value. Or paying you.

Value comes from networks effects and critical mass.

Halfbakery has value due to people using the website. If nobody was here nobody would post ideas.

I would like notifications when people post ideas though.

chronological, Jul 10 2022

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A list of 150 websites you can publish your startup on [chronological, Aug 01 2022]


       //If nobody was here nobody would post ideas.//   

       There's almost nobody here now (my daughters think it's hilarious that an idea with five upvotes is doing well), but still we post. Because we just can't keep them in.   

       And the few people who *are* here have an attention span. It's not the critical mass here, it's the weight behind the criticisms.   

       And it's a bit like that pub in Sean of the Dead, where we gather to wait out the apocalypse.
pertinax, Jul 10 2022

       I think aggregated notifications has been done before, in fact it may have been me.
pocmloc, Jul 10 2022

       "And the few people who *are* here have an attention span."   

       What's that?
blissmiss, Jul 10 2022

       Just another squirrel.
pertinax, Jul 10 2022

       I've read this idea carefully and still can't figure out what it actually is. You seem to have mashed together "WIBNI there was an app everyone loved enough to never uninstall" and "an app that displays notifications for other apps". [-]
Voice, Aug 01 2022

       If you install an app or a community and there is nobody there, people rarely give it a chance, they uninstall it and do something else.   

       The idea is that there should be some benefit from waiting for people or critical mass to join the community.   

       Facebook is popular due to the fact everybody uses it, if it was empty, nobody would use it.   

       So you have this circular self fulfilling prophecy where apps don't get used due to nobody using them. As a result new ideas pass away and get tried again repeatedly such as hyperlocal buying and selling and social media.   

       If I was notified of new media or listings when people used the site, I could profit from it when they occur. Asynchronous such as email. Whereas most apps are synchronous unless they use notifications.   

       Quora messages me whenever there is a question. But not all apps implement these kind of notifications and if they do, they don't occur often enough so people uninstall the app.
chronological, Aug 01 2022

       // The idea is that there should be some benefit from waiting for people or critical mass to join the community.//   

       Ah. Changing my vote to [+/-]
Voice, Aug 01 2022


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