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Atkins Meat-Cereal

Meat Based Cereal Style Breakfast for Atkins Dieters
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Cereal is the most convenient breakfast food, but those poor chaps on the Atkins diet are eating eggs and sausages most breakfasts, with very few cereal like breakfast items available. There are some with low net carbs, but certainly nothing like this for the phase in period. Who wouldn't like a nice bowl of "Meaties" which would be meat based flakes or chunks. Just add water, it makes its own gravy.
DonBirnam, Jan 23 2004

flavors of meat cereal http://www.thetrenc...rchives/000051.html
[dbsousa, Oct 04 2004]

Atkins' Morning Start Low Carb Breakfast Cereal http://www.bellaonl...ticles/art16327.asp
Review. (What was the problem again?) [waugsqueke, Oct 04 2004]

XKCD drawing http://xkcd.com/27/
[hippo, Aug 02 2007]


       [don] I can see where you're coming from, honestly I can. Trouble is, this just sounds revolting.
jonthegeologist, Jan 23 2004

       Mad Cow Flakes! Now with more tongue!!
k_sra, Jan 23 2004

       dried cat food?   

       k, don't look at me when you say that!
po, Jan 23 2004

       So I’m on a diet that allows me to eat as much bacon and eggs as I want, and I’m having cereal for breakfast? That doesn’t make any sense.
AO, Jan 23 2004

       Yes, but you are now bored of eggs and bacon. You want meat cereal drowned in meat milk.
k_sra, Jan 23 2004

       People Laughed at Dr Kellog. why stop at cereal why not meat flour! then we could have meat bread, meat cakes and even meat donuts. MMMM meaty
duroncrush, Jan 23 2004

       dbsousa's link got me thinking. I was originally thinking just meat flavored, red meat and pork mixture. But that's a great idea! Like how kid cereal that tastes mostly like sugar can be chocolate or fruity. Flavors could be bacon, ham, sausage, or steak and eggs. Or, if you're a little less traditional with your breakfast, pot roast, turkey, beef jerky, or even chili!
DonBirnam, Jan 23 2004

       Aw, shoot, sorry, this croissant has tons of carbs in it!
dijontoothpaste, Jan 23 2004

       As a gimmick it should be called mheaties
sub_text, Jan 24 2004

       mmmmm.... fish flakes
thumbwax, Jan 24 2004

       But surely the whole point of the Atkin's diet (and any other diet) is to make you eat a bizarre and unpalatable combination of food and in doing so, make you eat less?
Therefore anything which makes the arbitrarily-contrived combination of food more like the food you're not allowed to eat will make you eat more.
hippo, Jan 24 2004

       Mmmm.... Meat milk. I love to eat meat. I'd just like the opposite of what [Don] suggested. Fruity cereals and normal looking milk made out of fresh meat.
sidi, Jan 24 2004

       Nice link, [dbsousa]. My favorite is sausage pebbles.
k_sra, Jan 24 2004

       my mom was on a low carb diet once and just ate bits of fresh fruit in milk like cereal. She thought that was good. But I just have to fishbone a meat cereal idea.....yuck.
babyhawk, Jan 24 2004

       Honey Bunches of Goat?
nick_n_uit, Jan 24 2004

       Now that's advancement of the "human condition".....
sidi, Jan 25 2004

       It seems everyone is trying to get in on the Atkins "gravy train" these days. (groan)
Apologetic_Cynic, Jan 25 2004

       // my mom was on a low carb diet once and just ate bits of fresh fruit in milk like cereal. //   

       That's odd, considering neither milk nor fresh fruit are particularly low-carb.
waugsqueke, Jan 25 2004

       //drowned in meat milk//   

       <giggles like a teenager>
wagster, Aug 02 2007

       [wagster] Stop giggling and suck this meat popsicle
marklar, Aug 02 2007

       As if this thread didn't gross me out enough to begin with...
wagster, Aug 02 2007

       *wipes tear* made me laugh all over again.
k_sra, Aug 02 2007

       I noticed [nick_n_uit]'s anno is the same as one of the products in the XKCD drawing (linked). Great minds...
hippo, Aug 03 2007


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