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Audible Tire Warning

Tires that tell you when they are to a dangerous tread depth
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Tires that have an audible warning when the tread wears beyond all acceptable limits. This would be a system based on sound resonating from a pattern embedded in the tire similar to the pattern in a record surface. This pattern could simply be made from a harder? rubber set in a layer of softer rubber. when the tires wear down to that point they will give a message to the driver, could be... caution replace your tires... or a really annoying song... the only problem is advertising agencies would want part of this and you would occasionally have to listen to an advertisement from mcdonelds for several hundred miles, but at least the tires would be cheap.
shad, Jan 27 2005

(?) http://www.oldielyrics.com/lyrics/nervous_norvus/transfusion.html ....by Nervous Norvous
[normzone, Jan 27 2005]


       Thinking of a song that was old before my time, about driving too fast.   

       "Transfusion, transfusion, my red corp-suckles are in mass confusion,   

       I ain't never ever never gonna speed again....Pump a gallon in me, Allen....."
normzone, Jan 27 2005

       High RPM's for a recognizable sound. a whoop whoop whoop sound might be possible at lower speeds?
Zimmy, Jan 27 2005

       But the tyre rotates once every nth of a second.
Ling, Jan 27 2005

       When the tyres get worn the lights go on and some random music plays making everyone happy. These should be compusory on police cars for a rare spectacle.
proto13, Jan 27 2005

       having spun out on wet road driving on worn, harder? rubber tires, I approve any idea that makes for a warning. +
dentworth, Jan 27 2005

       ling,harmonics... if you have ever spent much time around a truck with snow or mud tires.. they make an audible noise based on the reoccurrence of the lugs hitting the pavement at certain intervals with a bit of computer modeling, it is bake-able   

       braubeaton, intresting perspective.. you inspired it
shad, Jan 28 2005

       It would need to be a very short message. Perhaps a warning siren?
david_scothern, Jan 28 2005

       Isn't this similar to the idea behind the infamous Firestones?
nick_n_uit, Jan 28 2005

       [shad], Yep, I've heard off-road tyres on tarmac. But they don't sing yankie doodle dandy. Whatever sound they make must repeat every revolution, which is quite often (several times per second).
Ling, Jan 28 2005

       Don't dangerously worn tyres make a warning sound anyway? Kind of a "screeeeeeeeeeeeech CRUNCH!" type noise in my experience...   

       </flippant comment>
kmlabs, Jan 28 2005

       Taking the advertising tie-in to the next level, fitters could syndicate their advertising slogans to the tyre manufacturers so the tyres would then remind you to go back there to have the next ones fitted.
egbert, Jan 28 2005


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