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Advertising Tire Tread

Carve ads into the tread of tires (tyres) then add paint
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By carving your advertisement into the tread of your cars rear tires you can have a device that drips paint onto them as you drive. The tread will then leave the advertisiment painted on the road. Remember to turn the paint off before you pull into your driveway.
Braindead, Mar 19 2006

The Pedestrian's Alternative Advertishoes
Same idea, slightly different medium. [hidden truths, Mar 19 2006]

Signature Tires Signature_20Tires
Get your name, or phrase of choice engraved on your tire tread! [DesertFox, Mar 21 2006]

Flip-flop version http://www.edirecto...ove+you+s+m&cid=880
Print words in teh sand/puddles with flipflops - could be converted to tyres? [rubyminky, Mar 23 2006]


       Hmm, strange idea. If a lot of people did this, it might have a side effect of continually applying a sealant to the roads and reducing wear and tear. :)
DarkEnergy, Mar 19 2006

       It would also work in the rain! Whee!
w0lfman, Mar 19 2006

       Someone probably realized that "No Skid" is not the optimal tread pattern for preventing skids.
DarkEnergy, Mar 19 2006

       Perhaps the 'Oh' was worn off, as in 'Oh no - skid'.
Ling, Mar 19 2006

       This is a fine concept. Rather than carving, and decreasing tire surface, I propse that this could be a cut rubber attachment, affixed to the tire with strong glue. It would wear away in the course of use. One could then embed the pigment right in the attachment, obviating the need for dripping paint. When it was worn to the point of illegibility, one could put some new ones down and back onto them. Full points, [BD]! More like this.
bungston, Mar 19 2006

       I was with you until the paint bit. Then this just became grafitti. Infact, grafitti that leads a nice trail right to your house. [bungston]'s idea looks like an improvement.
hidden truths, Mar 19 2006

       not a bad concept. However painting roads with guerilla advertising may be frowned upon. How about scrap the paint idea and Just have the advertising tread, so when you drove through puddles etc the ads will follow for a few hundered feet and eventually dry up.
shinobi, Mar 21 2006

       I like the concept also - sans paint.
Zimmy, Mar 21 2006

       Redundant. (link) This would be a specific use of the link, minus paint.   

       I also suggest moving to Car: Tire: Tread
DesertFox, Mar 21 2006


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