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Audio Visual

A bluetooth audio visual aid
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This is for a device to help blind people become more self dependant.A blind person carries this device on them much in the same way as a hearing aid, but it has a bluetooth receiver. This receiver picks up audio recordings that are sent to the device when it enters a designated area. this streams audio to the user, giving them an audio map of the area. For example: when entering a tube station, the hearing aid notifies the user with an audible beep/blip to tell the user there is information about the area they are in. they access it by choice, by tapping the device. The user then hears a menu of sorts, asking for a choice of what they want to know. they select what they want to know, such as a cash machine or help desk, or information point. they then hear the message and follow the instructions. i understand this is an idea with a lot of complications, such as descriptions of the area, and how it would help, but i think ideas like these need alot of input from alot of people...any one else want to put some pennies of thoughts in......
martin, Jan 17 2008


       My immediate thoughts are that it would be subject to spamming.
"You. Yes, you. Come in to our wonderful shop. It sells great stuff. *Feel* the quality..."
Jinbish, Jan 17 2008

       I think the range limitations of Bluetooth might help with the spamming problem. But I do like the idea, and might even use it myself even though my eyesight is fine.
Noexit, Jan 17 2008

       In an anno to one of the other ideas here smeone mentioned that they use this through cell phones and "GPS", to do store advertising. This sounds like it could use the same framework for a different purpose. I also like that the info has a central distrbution point, as that could limit spam and malicious broadcasts.
MisterQED, Jan 17 2008

       Sort of an 'augmented reality' system, then, with some further development. +
RayfordSteele, Jan 17 2008

       // spamming //   

       With correct keying - a tight link between "authorised" transmitters and "registered" users - spam could be controlled; a bit like induction hearing loops, too. It could still be reasonably "open source". [+] for a simple helpful idea.
8th of 7, Jan 17 2008

       Sound's good to me.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 17 2008


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