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Blind Cleanup Tool

The blind can now help out with keeping the streets clean.
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The basic idea is to attach a sharp pointed piece of metal to the end of the cane of every blind person. This will then serve as a tool to pick up papers and stuff like that as they walk around poking the ground (which they do anyway).
thinck, Aug 29 2001

Jim Knipfel: Slackjaw http://www.amazon.c...25173305/halfbakery
Autobiography. Summary: Depressive, angry young writer slowly goes blind, manages not to kill himself in spite of periodic attempts. Gripping, funny. One of the chapters describes what it's like to finally have to give up and start using a cane, something that not only is expensive and needs to be learned, but that also immediately changes everybody else's attitude towards you from "you idiot, watch where you going" to "oh my, the poor blind person". [jutta, Aug 29 2001]


       Have you ever actually seen a blind person use a cane? You don't "poke" the ground, you slide across it lightly in a swinging motion.
jutta, Aug 29 2001

       I agree with [jutta] - it's far more practical to attach a brush to the cane.
-alx, Aug 29 2001

       Make joggers wear running spikes, so they can clean up the parks.
angel, Aug 30 2001

       What if there is a little kid sitting on the floor or a cat. Then the blind person would stab it with the sharp pointed piece of metal...
Rexaldo, Dec 21 2002

       You realize that blind people can't see what they're putting their cane to, right?   

       And you want to put a weapon on the end?
disbomber, Apr 17 2005


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