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Auditioned Karaoke

So you only have to listen to GOOD singers
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Kareoke, only with singers auditioned and approved by the club manager ahead of time. They could put together a list of 20 or so people that sound good, let them all sing a couple songs a piece, and in addition to providing decent entertainment, local bands & choruses who are looking for vocal talent have somewhere to scout.
ElectraSteph, Dec 08 2000


       [Sp: Karaoke, from "kara" -- without + "oke" -- orchestra (abbr). Do itashimashite.]
rmutt, Dec 09 2000

       It's called Say What Karaoke and it's on MTV.. yes, the music industry wants to cram that down your throat just like they do with boy bands and gangsta rap.
djhotsauce, Dec 09 2000


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