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Augmented Reality Peripheral / Android lcd

external screen with multi-touch, accelerometers, webcam etc
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An external screen with all the bells and whistles of the fancy Android/iPhone devices. This would include multi-touch, accelerometers, camera and maybe even a compass.

I'd like to have all the power of my laptop but the handy form factor of the phone but lighter ( no battery ) and thinner and cheaper ( less tears if it breaks). Tethered by a cable of 3ft or more.

It would run as an extra screen to my laptop but could be dedicated to showing the window for an instance of an Android virtual machine/emulator/development window.

It could also be used as a dedicated augmented reality peripheral for the laptop.

Essentially it's a fancy small external lcd with "Android" sensors packaged with the Android emulator for Linux/Mac/Win.

Heck.. make the Laptop LCD removeable!

justinj, Jan 07 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab http://en.wikipedia.../Samsung_Galaxy_Tab
Samsung Galaxy Tab, Android-based tablet [CaptOblivious, Jan 07 2011]


       Baked, minus the android part: Apple iPad plus one of the numerous external monitor apps for it.
DIYMatt, Jan 07 2011

       Baked "Samsung Galaxy Tab" see link.
CaptOblivious, Jan 07 2011


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