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Candy Crusher

Evaluate Prospective Moves with Another Phone App
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There's an element of randomness in the falling blocks from off-screen. But the blocks already on the screen fall and get destroyed according to predictable rules move after move.

Unless you're a savant, however, evaluating the different prospective moves is quite tedious.

This augmented reality app examines a Candy Crash style game through the phone's camera lens, and recommends the best moves, thereby saving you a fortune in in-game purchases and ad-viewing as you climb higher on the high score list of candy crushers.

Yes, you need a second device to run this app, although I suppose a same device version that processes your own screen is also conceivable

theircompetitor, Nov 27 2018


       I actually think I could do it as a background task if I can access the screen
theircompetitor, Nov 27 2018

       Candy Crush... One of the few things I despise more than Spongebob. Although that list is growing lately.
RayfordSteele, Nov 27 2018

       Couldn't you let the new app send inputs directly to the game, so your phone could play by itself while you looked up to cast a startled and myopic gaze at your surroundings?
pertinax, Nov 30 2018

       I wonder if an actual, physical, steampunkish, version of Candy Crush would be possible, with real candy, etc.
hippo, Nov 30 2018

       Very possibly, although protection from confectionery shrapnel would be essential. Boiled sugar products can produce unpleasantly sharp edges when they fragment.
8th of 7, Nov 30 2018

       I thought it formed relatively unsharp edges - which is why sugar glass was used in stunts in old films, rather than real glass.
hippo, Nov 30 2018

       "Relatively" is correct.   

       Sugar glass is used because (1) the impact force required to fracture it is much smaller than that of glass, (2) the density is much lower, so the energy of the fragments is proportionately diminished, and (3) the edges are less sharp; but far from being totally blunt.   

       Performers do get cuts from sugar glass, but that's OK, because they're expendable. What you don't want is the crew to be injured; replacement actors are ten a penny, but good crew are hard to find.
8th of 7, Nov 30 2018


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