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Augmented reality clothes store

Kinect + 3D clothes + You = less waiting time at department stores
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This idea came to me just after I'd bought a Kinect, and had to go clothes shopping at the department store with my then-S.O. Cue the situation every guy has to endure (women, too, I s'pose): Back and forth between changing rooms, twirling around in front of mirror, does this make my ass look fat, etc. etc. Waiting for sales people to become available, waiting for changing rooms to become available, waiting for shoes to be procured from some back room.

So why not solve this huge timesink conundrum with technology? Imagine trying on clothes in front of a Kinect-enabled TV, with a hand-wavey interface. You see your mirror image twirling around on TV, and the software superimposes the clothes onto your body.

Patent pending.

slater, Nov 22 2011

Banana Flame using Zugara technology http://www.zugara.c...ojects/banana-flame
Online Clothing Store pretty much as described [csea, Nov 22 2011]

Clothia http://clothia.com/
in closed beta but is looking to do this [theircompetitor, Nov 24 2011]

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       Patent Pending? REALLY?
WcW, Nov 22 2011

       No Kinect required, just a webcam. Baked -[link].
csea, Nov 22 2011

       There is a hair-do app, also...
xandram, Nov 22 2011

       Pretty sure the patent exists, but it's not yours. (You do realize that "Patent Pending" implies a specific legal status, right?) The idea of video fitting clothes is hardly new.   

       Please explain to me how you deal with the fact that items of the same style from the same manufacturer can have two very different fits because they are never sewn quite the same.
MechE, Nov 22 2011

       Does this software make my app look big?
normzone, Nov 22 2011

       Man, tough crowd here. The "patent pending" was in jest, sheeeeeeeeesh.   

       But yeah, that "Banana Flame using Zugara technology" (what the flying fuck) seems just like this. Bummer.
slater, Nov 24 2011


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