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An end to the slow burn of my hand
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I'm a student, so naturally I recently learnt how to cook my 3rd dish. It's a BBQ Chicken recipe, whereby you baste the chicken in the oven and cook for 30 minutes in the simple and salty sauce. And it's a pain. The basting not only gets my hand dangerously close to the dangerously hot heat, but it also takes ages while I scrape up the tiny dregs of sauce to baste the meat with. Finally, while I'm burning and taking ages, the oven is cooling down since the door is wide open.

Enough I say, if cooking is this hard, I'll never make it to 5 recipes!

Enter the Auto-Baster. This simple device is a pump and semi-flexible (think pipe-cleaner flexibility, can be moved, but then stays) polymer tube that will ensure a small steady basting stream of juice without automatically. You can alternatively set the pump to 'Frequent', where it stores a small amount of juice in itself and squirts a burst every 5 minutes, or 'Occasional' where it does so every 15 minutes.

The power source is some sort of Thermogenerator if the bods in R&D do their work, a system that uses the heat of the oven. We can make geothermal power, so shirley we can utilise an area of extreme heat on a smaller scale.

The Auto-Baster ladies and gentlemen, you know the sort of thing, available online or from a shopping channel near you.

(I did a HB search, I'm sure I didn't find anything like this, but I apologise if it's there, it seems like something that might be)

Germanicus, Jul 06 2009

Automatic basting http://www.google.c...as_nhi=&safe=images
[normzone, Jul 06 2009]

"Woman Encyclopedia" http://chestofbooks...utomatic-baster.jpg
[normzone, Jul 07 2009]

"Essential Gear Guide" http://essentialgea...2008/11/image13.png
[normzone, Jul 07 2009]

"Free Patents Online" http://www.freepate...ne.com/6796219.html
[normzone, Jul 07 2009]

"1973: Fissler launches the new saftomat roaster with the automatic baster" http://www.espitech.com/tradition.html
[normzone, Jul 07 2009]

Not well known - “I’ve got a basting secret” - Automatic basting videos http://www.thegeyse...m/videogallery.html
[normzone, Jul 07 2009]


       Cheers [Normzone], but is it widely known?
Germanicus, Jul 07 2009

normzone, Jul 07 2009

       Are you roasting the chicken (I believe you people over the pond refer to the brocess as 'broiling')?
If so you don't need to baste the chicken constantly - a couple of times is sufficient.
gnomethang, Jul 07 2009

       Google gives me a series of patents, but no commercially successful/widely known products.   

       The idea doesn't seem to really be catching interest here, so it probably isn't worth arguing about anyway.
Germanicus, Jul 08 2009

       This is fine for the single-oven, consumer market, but what about commercial multi-chicken roasting applications?   

       In implementations such as those, you might need a central control unit that ensures basting levels are the same across multiple chicken applications.   

       I'm thinking a sort of modular master/slave arrangement, with each slave device being sold individually as "Slave-Baster" units, and the control units being sold individually as well.
zen_tom, Jul 08 2009

       Chicken brick!   

       Its an unglazed ceramic pot you use to roast chicken in. You have to soak it in water first to allow it to absorb the water. When the chicken is in the oven the water evaporates off and keeps the chicken nice and moist.
miasere, Jul 08 2009

       I fear that is the case. Some good has come of this, I now plan to buy a Chicken Brick.
Germanicus, Jul 08 2009


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