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Bluetooth Kitchen Scale

With Wireless Readouts
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That can be stuck to cabinet doors at eye level and that comes on when you touch the scale and that have big tare and unit buttons.

The scale is just a big aluminum puck.


This design would solve the problem of having to bend down to see the readout, and the problem of the container covering the readout.

There's no reason the unit couldn't have a readout on the scale, i just thought the puck would be slick-looking.

There are myriad ways the second readout could be acheived (tablet in a holder on the cabinet door, light projection onto the cabinet door, coded chimes, etc.)

nomocrow, Jul 03 2020

https://shop.aeg.cz...teries/p/9009231540 [hippo, Jul 03 2020]


       I was going to say, it would not be very convenient trying to place the item(s) to be weighted onto something stuck to a cabinet door at eye level.
pocmloc, Jul 03 2020

       With no display elegance, this could feed to the fridge or microwave's display.
wjt, Jul 04 2020

       "45g butter, OK. Wait, are the scales on? Are they paired to the fridge or are my headphones... gah! some butter it is."
bs0u0155, Jul 05 2020

       //big rare and unit buttons//   


       ... and what [poc] said.
pertinax, Jul 06 2020

       I assume this means "tare".   

       There's a trend of having instrumentation that off-loads processing power/screen to smart phones etc. Such as, oscilloscopes, FLIR cameras and so on. I can see why, it saves the manufacturer bill-of-materials money, but I'd rather have a dedicated screen until things can beam directly into my brain.
bs0u0155, Jul 06 2020

       Maybe the idea is a stater for the dishwasher?
wjt, Jul 07 2020

       Stater? Greek coin weighing about the same as a Phoenician shekel?   

       Or maybe stator, as in rotor / stator?   

       Not trying to be funny - I really have no idea what is meant here.
pertinax, Jul 07 2020

       //I really have no idea what is meant here// Another line that could reasonably be used in any and every situation
pocmloc, Jul 07 2020

       //I really have no idea what is meant here//   

       Marked for tagline?
Canuck, Jul 07 2020

       <wry smile> Stater. It states* the state the dishwasher is in. </wry smile>   

       *or tries to, by supplying weight data via wireless.
wjt, Jul 08 2020


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