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Auto-Chaser Cars

Instant car chase. Just add idiots.
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I've seen cop cars come out of nowhere to join a car chase. Car chases in general put lives at risk and waste precious time. To fix this, I propose that cop cars outfitted with A.I are put in fake garages and alleys to chase criminals. A realistic dummy is put in the driver's seat to make it seem that it is a normal car. The front is shut off from the back and the front passenger seat is outfitted with a hidden long-range weapon (a gatling gun, sniper rifle or maybe a rocket launcher) for emergencies. The windshield on that side can slide ofer onto the driver's side. When a car chase starts, the robo-car calls for human backup (to arrest the guilty) and goes after the perp. The A.I can make life-saving decisions humans wouldn't dare of (sacrificing itself to stop an expensive and dangerous crash, for example.) After catching the criminal, he/she is tossed into the back half of the robo-car and taken to the station (unless this is a really bad criminal, like a gang leader). The tank is mostly in the back half, under a potent bomb. If necessary, the criminal can be quickly and informally executed, while the expensive front half of the car can be saved and reattached to a fully-functional rear and put back out. However, this is a 1/250 000 time chance, so the cars will almost always just need a small cleaning and fixing from time to time(the entire back end of the car has to be destroyed. If just the interior space in the end space suffers damage, it will look suspicious and unblamable on terrorists and gangs.)
Shadow Phoenix, Sep 30 2007

DARPA Urban car challenge http://www.darpa.mi...llenge/overview.asp
Kinda like this? Maybe? Kinda? [bleh, Oct 01 2007]


       you lost me at *idiot*
po, Sep 30 2007

       [Galbinus_Caeli], the A.I's are basically just the kind found in video games, but used in a less destructive and more practical enviroment. It also incorporates G.P.S combined with automatic cruise control, basic car operations (braking, turning, sirens, ect) and a few other additions. Not exactly impossible.
Shadow Phoenix, Sep 30 2007

       That's it! We've solved the AI question! It's just GPS with cruise control!
normzone, Sep 30 2007

       (sigh) I meant the A.I the broke government will resort to using after they give me all their funds to make A-Guns and Auto-Chaser Cars and I build a memory editor instead.   

       Me: Give me more grant money.   

       President: You didn't give us anything the first time.   


       Me: Give me more grant money.   

       President: Sure! And don't worry, I'll totally take the blame for the monetary loss.   

       Me: Thanks! Now go invade Iraq!   

       President: WHAT!!! Are you insane! Only an idi-   


       Me: You were saying?   

       President: Time to invade Iraq!
Shadow Phoenix, Sep 30 2007

bleh, Oct 01 2007

       (This was another baker's anno.) Workability isn't the issue here. The issue is that many people, myself included, don't put much trust in an A.I because, if it screws up, there is nobody to blame.
Shadow Phoenix, Oct 10 2007

       Oops, accidentally deleted an anno. Just replaced it as best as I could. Sorry! In response, would you rather put your trust in a tired, underpaid, police officer? This would be just as good, if not better.
Shadow Phoenix, Oct 10 2007

       What happens if there is a crash (as usually happens in a high speed chase), to the 'potent bomb' in the back half of the black & white.
Brett-Blob, Oct 10 2007

       I think this would be better if it was just a bunch of automated cars that just swarm to a human-driven car that presses the "I'm in a chase" button. Criminals will tend to run from 1 police car, but when there is a fleet of 10 chasing them they know that they are not going to escape.
marklar, Oct 10 2007

       [marklar], that would be the main usage of the cars. Humans are fairly efficent, so the Auto-Chasers would mostly supplement conventional police. They work on basic orders, so they could just be used for intimidation or to get rookies used to the job (modified versions, with police-only backseat controls.)   

       [bleh], pretty much.   

       [Brett-Blob], the bomb and payload will be broken down into its individual components and only assembled if necessary. This also gets rid of evidence that this actually happens. Besides, the A.I won't allow itself to crash unless absolutely necessary.
Shadow Phoenix, Oct 11 2007

       This isn't Windows 98 these cars are using! These are unhackable cars with a lot of reinforcements. The aformentioned bomb in the back won't totally destroy the car, just the interior. Yeah, I've seen Cops. Those are people with emotions and a conscience. This isn't that at all. If you rams this car, it will toss a brick at you (hey, low-tech works.) There's no going around this roadblock and, if you try to go through, you'll get shot and rammed. Remember, no conscience, no responsibility/accountability. You provoked it, you don't whine when the car blows up your house with a missile.
Shadow Phoenix, Oct 14 2007


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