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Luminous Police Car Identifier

"Is that a cop behind me?"
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If you've ever driven on the edge of breaking the law, then you've known the hackle-raising feeling of wondering if you're being followed at night by a member of the local authorities. "Are those lights on the top or a roofrack?", you may have asked yourself. Simple solution: Buy my patented Luminous Police Car Identifier and either relax, or be prepared to do your best driving since that first sweaty-palmed experience at 16 (No, I mean the driver's test) A simple plastic card with a clip attached to your sunvisor, this little tension-soother is emblazoned in luminous and colored inks with the exact headlight and turn-indicator patterns of the vehicles used by the local constabulary. A quick glance, not even enough to disrupt your driving, and either smooth sailing or... take a bite out of the seat cushion. Traveling? The cards are cheap and can be found at any convenience stop, tailored to each municipality. To add a bit of irony, the glow-in-the-dark patterns may even be powered by Johnny Law himself!
Eddie's son's Lightbulb, Dec 07 2003


       Yes, do you know why I pulled you over?
Eddie's son's Lightbulb, Dec 07 2003

       Were your child not a teenager....
Eddie's son's Lightbulb, Dec 08 2003


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