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REALLY fast food
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Famished, but no time to stop and eat? Give Auto-Mat a try—just up ahead on the right! Simply place your order using our convenient smartphone app, then pull into the right lane of the freeway. As you pass under the restaurant, your food is deposited directly into your vehicle via the sunroof (make sure you open the sunroof—recommended speed under 30MPH).

Enjoy a variety of (relatively durable) sandwiches, drinks, snacks, and sundries (phone chargers, moist towelettes, portable urinals, etc.) without even having to stop your car!

ytk, Nov 05 2013


       Sounds a little fast-fetched.
rcarty, Nov 06 2013

       Fatal flaw: Not every car has a sunroof.
xandram, Nov 07 2013

       Maybe select 'sunroof' or 'toss through passenger window'?
gisho, Nov 07 2013

       It's not really a "fatal flaw"; I'm sure it could be covered by some sort of a disclaimer.   

       Well, I mean, er, I don't mean the resulting hole would be covered; you'd need some sort of self-sealing film for that. "Fatal flaw" would be something carried on the luggage rack.
lurch, Nov 07 2013

       For those drivers without a sunroof, we're currently prototyping a pop-out window chute. We'll be announcing it shortly, just as soon as our top-notch engineers have worked out the last of the design kinks (and our even topper-notch lawyers have finished writing up the iron-clad liability waiver).
ytk, Nov 07 2013

       You might want to look at the system that mail trains use to pick up and drop off mail en route.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 07 2013

       //You might want to look at the system that mail trains use to pick up and drop off mail en route.//   

       Eyes on the road, please. This system is error-prone enough as it is.
ytk, Nov 07 2013


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