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better ranch dressing bottles

Improved way to keep the lids clean.
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Heres an idea. The other day I went to take off the lid from my Ranch Dressing, and the disk with the smaller hole to keep the contents from escaping too rapidly pulled off with the lid because the last time I used it, I forgot the clean the ranch dressing that was left on the top of the bottle from last time. So my idea is, to make the screw on cap a little longer, eliminate the "content flow regulator disk," reshape the tip of the bottle into a cone, so that any dressing that gets on the lid area will not cause the lid to get stuck on the bottle.

What do you think?

compguy, Oct 09 2003

Hidden Valley Ranch http://www.hiddenvalley.com
[compguy]: This is hows we link around these parts. [Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004]


       I think I'd like to know what Ranch Dressing is and if I'm missing out.
Helium, Oct 09 2003

       You're not. Icky.   

       I would like a similar solution for Bailey's bottles, though.
bristolz, Oct 09 2003

       Hidden Valley Ranch. (link)   

       I like it. It's supposed to be a salad dressing, but its good on pizza, french fries, fried chicken, pork, beef, hamburgers, um... pretty much anything you put it on is gonna be good. If you like good things... :)
compguy, Oct 09 2003

       Mmm... tabasco.
Detly, Oct 09 2003

       Ooh! Have you tried pizza with heinz 57 and tabasco? It's got oomph!
compguy, Oct 09 2003

       I'm still disappointed that this has nothing to do with cowboys.
Helium, Oct 10 2003

       I think I'd be more disappointed were the idea about cowboys wearing bottles. Maybe "disappointed" isn't the right word.
bristolz, Oct 10 2003

lintkeeper2, Oct 10 2003

       Is this idea "put ranch dressing in a squeeze bottle"?
Don Quixote, Oct 10 2003

       You can't get dressed in a bottle, everyone knows that.
k_sra, Oct 10 2003

       No, ranch dressing is already in a squeeze bottle. But when you're done squeezing, you always get a little on the bottle, and when you put the cap back on, the cap gets stuck. So my idea is to make the tip cone shaped, so that any that gets on the bottle wont contact and stick to the cap.
compguy, Oct 10 2003

       That's just too much work for me.
compguy, Oct 11 2003

       Fetch my ranch dressing hose!
ywong, Oct 12 2003

       I would post an idea about "how to make even the yuckiest food become delicious based on mexican condiments, dressings and spices" but it would be pointed at as a recipe and would soon be marked for deletion.   

       Therefore, those who think ranch is the ultimate choice to make things good... you're missing out. Come down to México. Saving the money you spend on ranch dressing for half a year will be enough for anyone to live down here for a week... eating good stuff. Obviously, lodging and margaritas are on Pericles.
Pericles, Oct 12 2003

       I love "Ranch" but I've never seen it in sqeeze bottles, just those that require you to take the lid off and replace. These get very messy, with dried dresssing all around the cap threads and are probably a health risk, but the sqeeze type would have similar problems, as you have explained. Are you suggesting a mustard type bottle? I might have to try that.   

       My solution has been to buy the dry mix pack, "Hidden Valley Ranch"(which does cost a little less), add milk and mayo in a bowl, mix and store in a 16oz tupperware bowl with a lid that I rinse after each use. As much as we like it , it only last for a couple meals anyway, but if I'm just having a spoon full on a salad I don't mind rinsing the lid.   

       BTW, my families favorite is to eat it on spicy potato wedges along with Italian beef sandwiches. I usually make everything from scrath when I can but there's something about the H. V. Ranch that I can't duplicate. It just has to be H.V.
oyea6, Oct 21 2003

       [Pericles], that is one damned good offer. I smell Mexican spices in my mind and I drool...
k_sra, Oct 22 2003


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