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When the finger's just not enough
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Ever been so mad at someone that the finger just doesn't express your feelings well enough? I'd love to moon the ignorant cusses, but self and auto preservation instincts overcome that notion. I just wish there was a way to assuage both sides of this debate.

This could easily be accomplished by bogarting a "retired" store manniquin (sp?) and cutting off the parts you don't need. Springloading your new ass, you can automatically moon whomever you please while keeping your God-given tush safely planted in the seat.

One cool mod might be attaching a hose from a reservoir in the trunk that holds chocolate pudding or some similar semi-liquid brown matter. If the moon don't get 'em, you can bet the squirt will! (Be sure to roll window down first)

bryaninbama, Feb 03 2004


dickity, Feb 03 2004

       There are little doll things with suction cups so they can stick to your window. You squeeze a bulb with a hose, and then the doll drops it's pants. You can find them at novelty stores.
KLRico, Feb 03 2004

       [KLRico] But they aren't LIFE-SIZED!!! And do they squirt? NOOOOOOOO!!!! I'm going for all-out moon action!
bryaninbama, Feb 04 2004

       Came up with another mod with a night's sleep;   

       For nighttime, you can have a light bulb inside the ass with little holes drilled all over it. Steal some LiteBrite pegs from the neighbor's kid and you now have a changable message board that expresses itself in ways most unique!
bryaninbama, Feb 04 2004

       [bananarama] Are you saying that when *you* moon ....   


       ....... you ..squirt?!?
squeak, Feb 04 2004


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