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Extensible Slowpoke-Flipper

Tired of Slow Drivers in front of you...?
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Extensible, fork-lift-like, metal arms mounted under the body of your car. The two arms would be welded to a single pole controlled by an hydraulic engine. When you find yourself behind a slowpoke, simply tailgate them, extend the arms underneath their car, and then flip them like a pancake out of your way! (Note: consider the complementary item as well - the rear-mounted Extensible Tailgater-Flipper!)
bobthedog, Dec 20 2004


       So, forklift battle, between bad drivers, at 60+mph...?
tiromancer, Dec 20 2004

       Let's not mess about. What's wrong with a simple tank gun loaded with HEAT rounds. That'll shift them.
unclepete, Dec 21 2004

       Check out the movie "My Science Project" a true cult classic. Fisher Stevens has a sign that pops out of the trunk with a neon middle finger raised to the sky. Super Cool. Maybe some optional equipment for this package?
STUpidIDIOT, Dec 21 2004


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