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Driver Expressions

Get silly to those crazy enraged drivers to make them laugh.
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Ever get cut off by some idiot on the road? I know you have. How did you handle it? One possible scenario: You beeped, then got the finger from the other driver. After that, both of you drove on, enraged.

Like Bill Murray said to Punxatawney Phil in Groundhog Day, "don't drive angry." That's sound advice, but emotions can be a bit difficult to control at times. So what does a driver do?

Simple: when you get eye contact with the offending driver, make a silly, non-retaliatory expression. For example, I once decided on a T-Rex pose, complete with lower jaw protruding, teeth showing, arms posed to look like tiny claw-like appendages of the late dinosaur species, and even added a little growl.

The result? The other driver laughed for about a mile.

Anyone who's got any other creative expressions that would cause other drivers to forget their rage, please feel free to post them here.

XSarenkaX, Oct 04 2002


       Well, one could with tongue-in-cheek rotate a finger in the opposite ear, but like smiling at stranger you find attractive or the first kiss, it's easier said than done.
FarmerJohn, Oct 04 2002

       There's always the childish "raspberry" reaction, which also displays your disapproval at what they've done.
XSarenkaX, Oct 04 2002

       My daughter and I have always done the pretend like your singing at the top of your lungs, laugh, roll your head abit, and then wave gleefully at em. It seems to only piss em off more. They are only placated if they get a rise out of you.
blissmiss, Oct 04 2002

       Singing along to music that's not actually playing works quite well, also. The effect is better at a red light, and even better than that if an AM news station is blasting from your radio..
Mr Burns, Oct 04 2002

       Singing along AND....head banging. :) No, wait, every time I have a head-banging episode my neck is sore for days. Don't do that. (How do those rock guys do it?)
XSarenkaX, Oct 04 2002

       Warmup, and a proper routine :)
Mr Burns, Oct 04 2002

       i always just flick off the guy then roll up beside him and say GET OFF THE ROAD MOTHER F***ER!
fuzzykat, Oct 04 2002

       [thc] Yes. No real song playing, which makes it all the more fun. (Obviously ignoring the fuzzy thing who has yet to learn manners.)
blissmiss, Oct 04 2002

       Sarenka, I really like this. I have road rage problems sometimes <blushes> and it would help me. Actually just the mental image of you doing the t-rex pose is making me laugh now, I'll have to remember that one.   

       fk - get lost.
madradish, Oct 05 2002

       what if you're the one cutting someone off? It was absolutely necessary and convenient around the lane closures, "I KNOW". What you should do in response to the beep, instead of giving the finger, use both hands and mime out driving a steering wheel so the person behind you can see. Validate cutting them off with an insult to their driving inadequacy.
offspect, Dec 31 2004

       I'm so glad my past self wrote this. I'd forgotten I posted this idea oh so long ago. Today, I am a very impatient driver, I'm afraid. If you're not speeding with everyone else, you are too slow and in my way. If I could remember this idea the next time I start my littany of swears at the driver in front of me, who is yapping on a cell phone, talking with her hands, tailgaiting the car in front of her, constantly tapping the brakes, and drifting into the next flipping lane... well, perhaps I can be a better person.   

       And [offspect]: If you are the cutter, cutting people off, and it's necessary and convenient, it should be very easy for you to ignore the frustrated beep coming from the cuttee.   

       Firstly, try assuming the beep was to help you avoid an accident. Interpret "beep" to mean "hey, careful, there's a car here". Then you can easily flash an annoying thumbs up or something. Just don't do the thank you wave. I hate when the cutter gives the cuttee a thank you wave. "You're NOT welcome!" is usually the response from the cuttee.   

       If you're the cutter and the move was not necessary and convenient, well, shame on you. You're contributing to road rage and collisions, you! Stop that.
XSarenkaX, May 10 2006


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