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Auto-Rowing Cruise Liner

Because it would look *so* cool...
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A cruise liner with banks of oars like a Greek Trireme. The oars are automated to minimize crew requirements. I was thinking something along the lines of individual robots sitting in rows like the crews of old warships. A simple, repetitive task like rowing ought to be easy enough for a robot using today's technology.

I realize initial cost may be prohibitively (sp?) high, but if the funds could be fronted, I think it would more than pay for itself in tickets sold. Hell, Imagine the amount of people lining up to board one of these things.

"Mommy, mommy, I wanna get my picture with the robots!!!"

You could even include the passengers in the rowing work. Seriously, I'd love to do that for a little while, if only for the photo opportunity. SImply walk up to a robot oarsman, say "Mind if I cut in?" and the Robot oarsman will gladly stop rowing and get up to let you take his place, standing by to take your place and resume its duty in case you get tired or bored and want to stop.

Because of the close synchronization required in rowing accurately, there may be a limit on how many passengers can "assist" at any given time.

(edit: I removed the word "slave" since Wikipedia states that slaves were not used to crew triremes. Were this knowledge imparted to the passengers, I'm sure there would be more interest in this cruise since human rights activists would have no leg to stand on)

21 Quest, Dec 18 2006

Trireme http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trireme
[21 Quest, Dec 18 2006]


       This isn't practical at all.
Mr Buttersworth, Feb 03 2007

       If this is true, then I hope that it's grounds for you to get kicked out of the bakery.
xenzag, Feb 03 2007

       Mr Buttersworth - I read the message(s) that you have now deleted in which you claim to have boned every one of 21 Quest's ideas, then added a HA HA. This is the explanation of my annotation.
xenzag, Feb 03 2007

       Jutta, can you please do something about this asshole? I mean jeez, I don't even remember saying anything rude to this guy. I've commented on maybe two of his ideas, and neither of my comments were even directed at the author, and they weren't rude at all.

       (I checked, and yes, there has been a bone added to every one of my ideas)
21 Quest, Feb 03 2007

       Mr Buttersworth is a type of new auto- boner - a public one who is stupid enough to admit it ! Then even more stupid to think that no-one would notice.
xenzag, Feb 03 2007

       Well I hope he likes a taste of his own medicine. I hadn't voted on most of his ideas at all... until now.

       For future reference Mrs. Buttershit, I tend to get quite vindictive when slighted.
21 Quest, Feb 03 2007

       let the fish war begin.... my stealth sardines against your attack prawns !!
xenzag, Feb 03 2007

       You know what, this kind of juvenile immaturity is really quite beneath me. I'm taking back my bones. You can do whatever the fuck you want, Buttersworth. Go find a lower-grade playground to vandalize.
21 Quest, Feb 03 2007

       What? AAAHHH Ha Ha .. ha
Mr Buttersworth, Feb 03 2007

Mr Buttersworth, Feb 03 2007

       [+] for this idea. I'd gladly row for a reduced fare intercontinental trip as there doesn't seem to be too much opportunity for that these days. The photo op would be an extra. If things work out, I hope to be in Europe later this year. :)

       The visual of the ship would be great also.
nth, Feb 03 2007


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