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Motorised Oars

supplement your rowing with motorised oars
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Rowing is a fine form of exercise, but there are times when you would like the rowing to be something the boat can do on its own as you sit back with folded arms.

This is now possible with the introduction of Motorised Oars.
Here's how they work:
Rowing requires a set of repeated movements, with the oars pivoting and being held in place by the rollocks. The actual power is delivered near the end of the oar where the rower sits and this is where the motorised mechanical arms connect that can take over at any time. Their positioning is such that they don't restrict the movements of the human rower in any way.

Some analysis of the action of rowing will show that it's a repeated action, and therefore totally capable of being imitated by mechanical means.

A complex linkage attaches both oars to a powerful electric motor that's capable of rowing for the duration of the batteries. When the engine is disengaged, the linked oars move completely freely and normal rowing is not impeded.

Steering can be achieved by the rower pressing down on a simple right/left pedal mechanism while they otherwise sit back and relax to the sound of the quietly humming motor and oars dipping in and out of the water as the boat is propelled to its destination.

xenzag, Aug 01 2020

£12.99 https://www.jesters...ys/rowing-boat.html
[pocmloc, Aug 01 2020]


       The basic concept has been commercially available for over a century, though perhaps not bigly enough to ride on unless you are very wee.
pocmloc, Aug 01 2020

       Water conditions play a part so complex robotic sensing and motion would be involved.   

       I must admit it would be interesting to ride a full flight double scull, expending no energy, as a sole occupant. Although, the turning circle wouldn't be that great.
wjt, Aug 02 2020

       // sit back and relax to the sound of the quietly humming motor //   

       Sp. "sit back and relax to the sound of the roaring powerplant, smell the heady odour of hot oil and partially burned hydrocarbon fuels, the yells and pleadings of the swimmers and other boaters desperately trying to avoid being run down ... "   

       Then again, steam launches are pretty neat. Not fast, but fun, comparatively quiet - allowing a stealthy approach - and the screeching whistle can shock windsurfers enough that they fall off their boards.
8th of 7, Aug 02 2020


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