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Auto-directional Windscreen Washers

Hits the spot everytime.
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It amazes me how inefficient most windscreen washing spray nozzles are. They tend to work when at very low speeds, but as soon as you go over 25mph the spray gets directed up and over the screen.

I don't think it would be difficult for car manufacturers to manufacture washers which take into account the speed the car is traveling to calculate the angle of elevation of the spray nozzle. This would be based on an equation which would be pre-programmed into a chip.

Another solution could be to use rain sensors already in some windscreens to feed back data to the nozzles on where the spray is being distributed.
silverstormer, Jan 12 2004

Windshield wipers spray fluid http://www.halfbake...ers_20spray_20fluid
This idea seems like it would be more effective and much cheaper to implement. But it was baked and fishboned. [scad mientist, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Adjustable to spray in the open window of the guy beside you at the stoplight.   

       Back when drinking-and-driving was still fashionable, I knew someone who hooked his up to pump into the passenger compartment through a hose.....margaritas.
normzone, Jan 12 2004

       Arround here we have Chevy trucks with kegs and taps on the rear. I just love messing with those guys on my bike ...
Letsbuildafort, Jan 12 2004

       [scad] while the idea you linked would be good, I don't think it would work too well. It would mean that the owner of a car with stated wiper blades would be required to buy a different type of wiper compatible with the spray system.
silverstormer, Jan 12 2004

       The nozzles would also have to compensate for cross winds and other random disturbances. That will be difficult to implement without active feedback. Therefor each nozzle should have a camera that checks where the screen is dirty and if the water hits.   

       Also great for scaring passengers. - A frogs eye pops out of the hood. It swivels around, gives the blabbing passenger who annoys the driver a venomenous glare. Then suddenly, splat there is a stream of water squirting at said customer. Of course the windscreen is in the way, but still it may shut up the passenger for a moment.
kbecker, Jan 12 2004

       If they (conventional nozzles) are angled right, they'll hit the top of the windscreen and trickle down at low speed, and hit the bottom and trickle up at high speed.
I don't see how the spray would go over the windscreen at high speed when it hit it at low, unless it's being aimed far too vertically.
benjamin, Jan 13 2004


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