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Bluescreen Windshield

Spend your commute in Hawaii.
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I'd like to be able to drive a car that projects a video image on the windows, visible from the inside. Artificial intelligence would allow the actual view outside the car to be projected in the areas that would correspond to the road, any objects on the road or its shoulders (including other cars), traffic signals, official signs, and any object calculated to pass within a certain distance of the car. The rest of the image would be designated a "blue screen" into which a user-selected environment would be inserted. Billboards and specific landmarks could be selected for inclusion or exclusion.

AI is probably not yet reliable enough for this, and there are obviously a number of technical issues that would have to be worked out with the display, first of all for it to work at all, and second for it to be safe. And yes, I realize the windows would only be synchronized from the driver's view.

But wouldn't it be nice to be able to drive through beautiful scenery no matter where you are?

beauxeault, Oct 23 2000


       Whoa! You'd best hope for as close to zero latency between the time events occur outside the car and the time those events are presented inside. Else, trouble will surely result.   

       How would other vehicles be represented? What about the ever-important "eye-contact" that takes place between drivers at intersections? (Actually, if you are smart enough to pull off any of this, you'd be smart enough to include sophisticated "gaze detection" and represent it both internally and externally, to the other driver).   

       By the way, what would the other driver see when looking at your windows??
bristolz, Oct 23 2000, last modified Oct 17 2001

       nanobot sensory override probes could help with this alot. just induce the idea of the place and the needed driving info.
ironfroggy, Mar 31 2002

       What! You wouldn't need a windshield if you could do all that. Have the AI drive the car for you!
ThotMouser, Apr 30 2002

       They proposed this idea back in 1991 with the TV movie Knight Rider 2000
MySoulWanders, Apr 14 2005


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