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Auto Defrost

Timed operation for ease of use.
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How about some chicken tonight? Should you take the chicken out of the freezer:
-before going to work (and worry for the rest of the day about Salmonella),
-when I get home (and wait for it to defrost) or
-when I get home (and microwave it to defrost).

Why not put it into the Auto Defrost chamber of your new fridge and set the timer for two hours before you get home. The Auto Defrost chamber will keep it refridgerated (or frozen) for the day until the time comes to defrost, when the chamber will be isolated from the refrigerated compartment and allowed to warm up to match the environment and consequently defrost.

Also, If you don't know when you'll be home, you can put the chicken into the Auto Defrost chamber to keep frozen/refrigerated and when you are getting ready to leave, call the inbuilt dial-unit (just like the one on your alarm system) and set the timer from there. Alternately, If you have the deluxe network connected refrigerator, you could go into your fridge's web-site and set the timer from there.

reap, Jan 11 2004


       wow...i like it!! does it have to be in the fridge? or can it be a seperate container that is just refidgerated til the timer kicks on, then slowely warms up?? and could it be set up to keep warming and cook it too???
babyhawk, Jan 11 2004

       //Auto Defrost chamber of your new fridge//   

       Right next to the vegetable chamber.
Letsbuildafort, Jan 11 2004

       [babyhawk] I'm picturing more of a compartment in the door of the fridge (like where the water/ice thing goes), but if you want, a seperate unit could be purchased (at additional cost, of course) :)
reap, Jan 11 2004

       very nice.. I'll order one right now..
v0rtexx, Jan 12 2004


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