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hidden fridge

it wakes up with you
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In my small modest abode, my fridge takes up a considerable amount of space, and newer fridges are only growing in size. I am new to this website so I don't know if this has been done. I've seen many other fridge ideas, but most seem far too complicated.

You wake up at 6 o'clock and open a small fridge and inside are many breakfast related items, eggs, oj, cream cheese. Now its about 12 o'clock and when I open the fridge I see ham, cheese, some soda and other lunch related items. What's the secret?

Hidden in the wall is a system of a large rectangular box that is refridgerated and has a system of trays that are triggered by an alarm clock method. For example at 5 o'clock, the alarm is triggered and the dinner tray is set into place where your smaller and visible refridgerated unit is. To change and replenish foods in a certain time, just press the buttons along the side of the smaller fridge to manually change to different times. Configure each time to contain the exact foods you want. Sounds alot simpler and more possible than a robotic fridge that talks and walks and does cartwheels on demand.

drummer37, Dec 23 2005


       I don't understand how this takes up less space than a normal fridge. You'd have a full-sized fridge in your wall plus conveyors and other gizmos. Hence your wall would be fatter and consequently your room(s) would be smaller.   

       It would be difficult (though by no means impossible) to dissipate the heat inside a wall.   

       sp: refrigerated.   

       Category choice of business:supermarket is perplexing.
Texticle, Dec 27 2005

       "Put...the candle...back!"
normzone, Dec 27 2005

       Sure would make remodeling a challenge. A benefit I could see is that the hidden section would not have to succumb to the confines of user ergonomics and could therefore be a bit more space-efficient. However, the fridge would certainly have restrictions on the types of containers it could hold. All in all, a little undercooked yet.   

       What's needed are migratory fridges. Each refrigerator contains only a certain meal's ingredients, and travels westward every few hours to introduce the folks in the next timezone to that meal. Every so often, they stop at the grocers and refill.
RayfordSteele, Dec 28 2005

       This could only be useful if the fridge was positioned horozontally and all 3 sections sat in tandem to where you could stack a 3 section book shelf above it so that you could rotate between the children's books, the fiction romance novels, and the educational books. Above that could be the video collection where you could hide the adult movies behind the family rated selections. So when people visit they just see a 2x2 fridge, a 2x2 book shelf, and a 2x2 movie collection.
Jscotty, Dec 28 2005


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